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  1. Two-Bit Outfit RV Park
    Libby, Montana
  2. Bonner County Fairgrounds
    Sandpoint, Idaho
  3. Pioneer Trails RV Resort
    Anacortes, Washington
  4. Rodman Campground
    Palatka, Florida
  5. Riverdale Farm Campsites
    Clinton, Connecticut
  6. McArthur-Burney Falls State Park
    Burney, California
  7. Ashevilles Bear Creek RV Park & Campground
  8. Greensboro Campground Inc
  9. Rock Canyon RV Park
    Livingston, Montana
  10. Shady Acres Campground
    Mobile, Alabama
  11. Fort Pickens Campground
    Pensacola, Florida
  12. Gunter Hill COE
    Montgomery, Alabama
  13. Bolding Mill COE
    Gainesville, Georgia
  14. Magnolia Springs RV Hideaway & Golf Resort
    Foley, Alabama
  15. Holiday Trav-L-Park
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
  16. Rafter J Bar Ranch Camping Resort
    Hill City, South Dakota
  17. St. Peters' 370 Lakeside Park
    St. Peters, Missouri
  18. High Cliff State Park
    Sherwood, Wisconsin
  19. Franklin RV Park & Campground
    Franklin, North Carolina
  20. Port of Arlington Marina RV Park
    Arlington, Oregon
  21. Medford City Park Campground
    Medford, Wisconsin
  22. Big River Resort (formerly Wabasha Motel and RV Park)
    Wabasha, Minnesota
  23. Mendota Hills
    Amboy, Illinois
  24. New Point RV Resort
    New Point, Virginia
  25. Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake (formerly Outdoor Resorts of the O
    Oak Grove, Arkansas