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> What's Your Annual Rv Usage/mileage?
RV Usage/Mileage
How many days do you use your RV per year?
30 days or less. [ 67 ] ** [22.48%]
31-60 days. [ 80 ] ** [26.85%]
61-100 days. [ 52 ] ** [17.45%]
101-200 days. [ 35 ] ** [11.74%]
Over 200 days. [ 64 ] ** [21.48%]
How many miles per year do you drive your RV?
Under 5,000 miles. [ 112 ] ** [37.58%]
5001-10,000 miles. [ 120 ] ** [40.27%]
10,001-15,000 miles. [ 44 ] ** [14.77%]
15,001-20,000 miles. [ 16 ] ** [5.37%]
Over 20,000 miles. [ 6 ] ** [2.01%]
Have you reduce your annual usage and/or mileage due to rising fuel prices?
Yes. [ 87 ] ** [29.19%]
No. [ 203 ] ** [68.12%]
Changes due to other than fuel costs. [ 8 ] ** [2.68%]
Total Votes: 894
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Jerry S
post Jan 11 2008, 09:40 PM
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Hi everybody,

To celebrate my one year anniversary on this forum, I thought I'd try a poll. I just hope I did the "poll" part right.

The "Special Price Break" thread from a few weeks ago got me thinking about the effect sky-rocketing fuel prices is having on RV travel. Simplistically, how much these rising fuel costs are increasing the cost of your RVing is primarily a function of your mileage. For example, if you drive the RV 10,000 miles a year and get 10 mpg., fuel at $3 a gallon costs you an extra $1,000 a year over $2 a gallon fuel. While that is a lot of money to some of us, I don't see that as a "deal breaker" for many retired, full-timers on this forum. Another factor is the amount of time you spend RVing. If that 10,000 miles is spread over 5, 6, 7 months or more of travelling, you're getting a pretty good return on the extra $1,000. On the lower end, an extra $500-$1,000 for a 3 week vacation may put a long summer RV trip out of reach for families.

I think it will be interesting to see the poll results (assuming I did that part of this post right) and comments by others on this financial problem facing RVers.
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John S.
post Jan 12 2008, 10:17 AM
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Well, I am the only one in the 20k plus miles. I just like to travel but still work so I use it as much as I can. I used to use it to visit family in Iowa Texas and AZ all starting in VA and each one a separate trip. Now I just go to SPokane washington once a year and thte rest of family is alot closer (Richmond). It will be interesting to see if I drop in my milae but it will not be due to fuel prices. In fact I am very happy I put all those miles on with cheap fuel. I have traveled in the MH 165k miles in 5 years so that is alot of fuel at 8 miles a gallon or lessdepending on genset use and aquahot use. Interesting poll but if you think about it what is the difference between 2.50 and 3.50 a gallon for fuel. It is a dollar. SO you drive a 4000 mile trip and get 8 mpg you will use 500 gallons of fuel so the whole trip cost an extra 500 bucks. Now how many times do you eat out or do you have to stay in a campground. I do not on my travels till I get where I am going. If you can save 40 bucks a day that way traveling then you will be able to travel still. I mean at 8 mpg and an exta 40 bucks will allow you to buy 40 gallons o fuel for 2.50 then you will be able to travel 320 miles on that 40 gallons. So if you travel only 300 miles a day which I see alot of people doing then you stay in a truck stop or a wal mart you have the same cost as if the fuel was alot cheaper or if you have to use your genny then maybe you can only go 300 miles since the last 2 gallons will be used in the genset.

John S.
2001 Foretravel U320
2007 Bornfree
Jeep Wrangler Toad
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post Jan 12 2008, 11:07 PM
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QUOTE(John S. @ Jan 12 2008, 08:17 AM) *

Now I just go to SPokane washington once a year and thte rest of family is alot closer (Richmond).

John, if you go to Spokane, where do you stay? There is an RV park on Sprague that I have used. Actually, there are two on Sprague, but the one to AVOID is Maple Tree RV park. I have heard that is hookers and druggies. I stay at the other one, which has a small "vintage" motel in front, and an RV park in back. It's in kind of a yucky area, but it's right on the bus line and has good bus service to downtown Spokane. I stay there when I visit my Mom who lives on South Hill. I just take the bus.


JJ from Pacific Northwest

Check out my blog on TOADLESS RVing!

Feel free to leave me some suggestions.
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