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> Time Share Resort Pitfalls
post Mar 1 2010, 06:25 PM
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My family and I have been camping for many years. About two years ago we were introduced to the world of time share camping by a company called Travel Resorts of America, at their Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in Gettysburg, PA. All in all, the facilities were nice, so we sat in on the sales meeting, just to see what it would be about. They told us about their package which included a lifetime membership to their resorts (they have a sister resort in NC) with no additional camping fees, stay for two weeks at a time, then out a week and you could come back for two as often as you liked or any time frame smaller than two weeks, and the ability to transfer your membership to up to 4 generations of your family, which would mean our kids could inherit the membership at no additional cost and have "free" camping for a lifetime. It sounded good to us as we enjoy camping immensely, and our kids do too. There was an option to upgrade to a "platinum" version of the plan within the first 24 months of the contract which would allow use of on site cabins and other additional amenities. We weren't too concerned with this, because we enjoy our travel trailer and wouldn't really take use of those other things. We signed up for the contract and bought into the program for $3500.00.

With the current economy and other things life throws your way, we found out after a year that we weren't using the membership as we thought we would. We had been camping a total of 4 days that year at their resort. Most of the time it was because when we called for reservations, they would tell us they were full for that date. Every time we called it was the same thing. We decided to cancel our membership since we weren't using it, and we still had about $1700 to pay on it. The woman we spoke to in there office explained rudely that to cancel, we would have to pay the contract in full, then we would be able to cancel. They would take us to collections if we didn't. Who in there right mind would pay $3500.00 to go camping for 4 days? We reevaluated our situation and figured it was not worth the hassle of fighting this. We would pay up the contract and then have the rest of our lives to enjoy camping, even if we didn't get out much for the first couple of years. So we did.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a salesman in regards to upgrading to the platinum plan. We told him we would just stick with our current plan the way it was, because we didn't have any additional money to spend for the upgrade, plus we did not foresee us using the cabins or other benefits included in that plan. He then told us our current contract would expire in a year if we did not upgrade. My reaction - WHAT?!! He said the contract was a trial membership for 3 years with the option to upgrade to full membership in the first 24 months of the contract. When we explained the way it was written on our contract, and that we were told it would be a lifetime membership with the option to upgrade to platinum during the 24 months, he agreed with us they way it was worded sounded misleading. But our membership would still cancel in a year if we did not upgrade.

We have contacted their offices, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General's office describing this "bait and switch" scam to great length, and looking for a resolution. We would like to get at least part of our money back since we haven't use the facilities much during the time we were members. As of this writing, the reply from the manager of the resort chain has indicated to us they have no intentions of refunding our money, and that we just misunderstood the contract. He didn't even get my last name correct on his letter, showing even more how they don't care about their customers, only thier money. I am a contractor and deal with contracts every day of my life. I think I would know what to look for.

Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen to them? How did it work out for you? HELP!
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post Nov 11 2010, 09:29 PM
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We have had similar problems with Gettysburg Resort. We have tried numerous times to camp there but are always told the campground is full. I haven't been able to get in on a holiday in years. We pretty much gave up trying and haven't stayed there in a couple of years. They called tonight and threatened to turn us into a collection agency for being two quarters behind on dues for a campground that hasn't had camping sites open for us to use in the last two years. Though a membership park they allow non-members to camp there and take up the sites. They have a large volunteer staff who stay or live there causing the campground to look like a seasonal campground (100 lb fuel tanks, large covered piles of firewood, permanent steps, lots of junk on the sites etc.). In the winter there are a lot of camping units/trailers in the camping sites hooked up and vacant as the campground allows the use of the sites as winter storage. The staff was never friendly when we did stay there. If you want to get in touch with us we use aol.com
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