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> Rand Mcnally's Rvnd 5510 Information, The GPS made for RVs
post Jul 14 2011, 04:48 PM
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Previously I promised Texasrvers I'd write a review on the Rand McNally's RVND 5510. On June 20 I purchased the GPS on the way out of town of our maiden trip in our 2011 Pleasureway plateau TS. We knew exactly where we were going so we didn't bother to set up the unit, thinking we'd use it on the way home and familiarize ourselves with the unit then.

The Plateau was WONDERFUL, the site was spectacular, but the trip itself was otherwise marred. Being newbies (oh man, this is embarrassing to admit) we didn't realize that the 110 current could not be obtained from the vehicle unless you had a shore source. tongue.gif So two days into the trip we decided that sleeping without our CPAPs would not be a good thing that third night, and we were going to head home early.

That's when we noticed we were one cat light in the vehicle. 9 hours later we found her. mad.gif Since we were then going to get home at midnight, we didn't take time to set up the GPS.

Making matters worse, when we did get home we found a converter I had forgotten I had put in the glove box a week earlier. Ever since getting home, we've been clearing out the house for sale (and we're still not done.) So enough of the excuses....

Today I sat down and worked with the 5510 to see what I could learn. At first I started creating a word document, trying to describe its functionality (not easy without pictures), but just now, I came across a copy of the instructions on-line.

Believe me, this puppy has a lot of functionality. 147 pages worth. Including the 27, eight by ten color glossy pictures with the circle and arrows and descriptions on the back – OK, so they aren't 8X10, nor are the descriptions written on the back. Sorry, I had to throw in the Arlo Guthery thing. smile.gif

(Sheese, the boy talks so much he's likely tuh get a sunburn tongue.)

So here's the document: http://www.switz111.bizland.com/gps/RVND5510.pdf

I especially got a kick out of the place where they warned you “Do not attach the mount to the air bag deployment zone” - I suppose if you want a backwards indelible monogram of 'Rand McNally' that are would be fine.

If you folks will consider this a down payment on my promise, I'll give you my opinions on the tool later.

BTW, we ordered some batteries for our CPAPs, and they were stolen off our porch after delivery. dry.gif Who's makin, Ah say, who's making all the attacks on my person?

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post Jul 30 2011, 11:15 AM
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Wow, what a great write up. Thanks for taking so much time to do this. We were really considering getting one, but then some unexpected expenses came up, and the GPS sort of went to the back burner. However, we still think there will be one in our not-too-distant future. It certainly has a lot of information and does a lot of things. This sounds like a good system, and one we would like to have. So if anything else comes up about the unit--good or bad--please let us know. (BTW, loved your Arlo Guthrie reference.)

This is a bit late, but sorry to hear about your troubles with your maiden voyage. We all have stories about our newbie days. I was interested in your "one cat light" statement. How many do you travel with, and do you let them out of the vehicle? Where did you finally find her? We have 2 cats that we currently travel with, but they NEVER go outside when we are traveling. Course they are also strictly indoor cats here at home so that is no big change for them.

Your statement reminded me of an incident when we bought our first motorhome. Back then we had 3 cats, so we took all three of them out to the coach to let them get familiar with it. We just let them nose around while we were doing some cleaning. About an hour later we realized there were only 2 cats around, so we began looking for the 3rd one. We looked everywhere, but could not find him. After about 30 min we began to think he had gotten out somehow, even though we had not opened the door, so we began looking on the outside of the coach and around the outside of the house. Still no luck, so back inside we went. We spent about 4 hours going from "he's got to be in here somewhere because there is no way he can get out" to " he's not in here; he must have gotten out somehow." Finally we felt way up under the dash and touched just a bit of fur. That cat had wedged himself under the dash, all the way up to the top. We tried for about an hour to coax him out, but he wasn't moving, so we went inside the house hoping he would come out on his own--but no. After two hours we were really tired of his game so we scrunched ourselves down in the foot well and from there we could finally grab hold of a leg. He did not come out easily, but we finally pulled him out along with several wires. ohmy.gif Did I mention he weighs 14 pounds? (and yes, we still have him.) After that we put chicken wire all underneath the dash so he cannot get up in there anymore, and fortunately we have not had any other major mishaps with any of the cats since then.

Well, that was a long story and not about GPS's at all, but since you have cats let me offer one bit of advice. If your RV has slides, ALWAYS be sure that you can see your cats and that they are out of the slide's way. We heard about a cat that got crushed in a slide because its owners did not realize it was in the way.

Thanks one more time for all the good info, and good luck with all your travel plans.

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