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> KOA, Good or Bad?
post Sep 30 2004, 12:22 AM
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I am relatively new to owning an RV and I was wondering if KOAs as a whole are nice or if it better to stay non-franchise cg s. I f have stayed a few KOAs and I get the feeling that KOA does not monitor the cgs that are not in the more tourist areas. I plan on doing a lot of traveling and KOA has a great website to locate a cg. I hope that my poor experiences have been the exception rather than the norm. So, as a whole are KOAs to be avoided mad.gif or enjoyed biggrin.gif ?
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post Sep 11 2007, 02:18 PM
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Again, I think my point is lost.

The "broad brush" comment was strictly to support your right to research and find the best campground for you and not eliminate a choice strictly because it was or wasn't a KOA.

This is where I was just last week:

(not a commercial or an endorsement)

If you don't want to stay there because it's a KOA, fine. There are plenty of others in the town of Moab. Apart from one or maybe two others that I saw with my own two eyes, the rest were D-A-W-G, dogs!

Are there crappy KOA's that are located in highway medians? I'm sure there are. But KOA's don't have a monopoly on that market. Just like there are McDonald's in certain areas that you couldn't pay me to go into. But there's a nice McD's right down the street from my house that I'll go to if the mood hits me. I don't eat there every day. But I'm not going to avoid it because I saw a roach in the one I ate in in Des Moines.

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