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> The Review I Submitted Was Changed Without My Permission
RV Dog
post Jan 19 2012, 10:59 PM
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I submitted a review of a park that I really like... it was totally changed without any permission or notification. I have never had this happen before... What do I do?

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Snidely Whiplash
post Oct 13 2012, 09:37 PM
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QUOTE(rkw99 @ Sep 14 2012, 01:36 PM) *

I submitted a couple reviews and got messages saying I had to edit certain things before they would be posted. Things such as general background about myself like ages of my kids and the route we had taken, etc. There was other things like the fact I mentioned other campgrounds which I can understand is not appropriate. However, I think it is relevant to a review what my situation is so that others can understand if my perception might be relevant for them.

I've experienced the same thing. I think the vast majority of reviews are held to very reasonable standards. I think the admins for the site deserve a lot of appreciation for the good job they do here. I'm sure it's a lot of work for very little reward. That being said, I think there may be one or two reviewers who are a bit overzealous and expecting "Just the facts, ma'am".

QUOTE(rkw99 @ Sep 14 2012, 01:36 PM) *
I won't post reviews to a website that censors reviews as is basically being done here. I am glad that I realize that now because I did not before and wondered why the reviews were so generic. So while I will still use this site as a tool for choosing campgrounds, I will take it all with a grain of salt and I am not bothering to waste my time thoughtfully composing a review only to have to censor it for it to be posted.

Recently I posted a review for Johnny's RV Resort and made the opening statement that "Johnny is outright lying by calling this a resort". The review was changed to "It is outright lying to call this a resort". I wasnt trying to call anyone out, I dont know if there really is a Johnny at Johnny's RV Resort, but I thought it was a bit nit-picky to change the review that way. There were also MANY changes made to that particular review (sentance structure, phrases, etc) which made it read like I was unable to write a grammatically correct couple of sentances and threw off the entire tone of the review. I mean, how much stock would you put in a review that was incomprehensible and grammatically very poor?

QUOTE(dalsgal @ Sep 14 2012, 02:09 PM) *

rkw, the reviews are supposed to be about the campground itself and nothing else. I don't know what you sent in but giving the route you took has no bearing on the camground and it's being good or bad.

Actually, I find it to be quite relevant to reviews, and try to include in my reviews whether access is easy or not for a large RV from the direction I used to access the park.

On rare occasion I used to tell my son "My house, I pay the bills, I get to make the rules" and I get it that it's the same here on this website where I am a guest. But I wont go to the trouble to write reviews if all that is wanted are generic reviews that differ very little from one to the other. Besides, I think most people reading the reviews are better served by getting an unedited version of the review from which to make their own determination as to the reviewers credibility.
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post Oct 14 2012, 03:13 PM
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QUOTE(Sterner @ Oct 13 2012, 10:37 PM) *

Actually, I find it to be quite relevant to reviews, and try to include in my reviews whether access is easy or not for a large RV from the direction I used to access the park.

It is one thing to say that a park has good access from a particular interstate or to state that it is down a long, dusty road. This information is valuable to other members. It is another thing to say (for example), “We traveled from Oklahoma City across I-40 to Fort Smith, then turned north up through Fayetteville to Springdale where we stopped for lunch at a McDonalds but we had to park across the street because their parking lot was too small. From there we took Hwy 412, which was very hilly with lots of curves, over to Hwy 65. At 65 we headed north again and got to Branson about 30 mi. later where we stayed at AAA RV Park.” This is totally irrelevant information as it pertains to what the park is like.

There is a huge difference between telling about the “access” to a park and the “route” taken to get there. You have no idea what all rkw included in his/her review. I do know, and it included a travel itinerary similar to the one above that I made up. Likewise there was a lot of other personal information which had nothing to do with the park. If this is the type of information you want to provide, then write a blog somewhere.

I think most people reading the reviews are better served by getting an unedited version of the review

I would like nothing better than to post reviews just like they come in. That would be less work for all of us. So since you have made this suggestion, I thought I would let you see some examples of what comes in. Following are some reviews that are unedited. This is exactly how we received them. Trust me; I can’t make this stuff up.

“i dont know what your all talking about your probably mad about something but this was a great campground. family friendly and with great clean restrooms. don't listen to these people because the camping experience was fenominal best trip ever and there is shade in tent sites and there are pullthroughs i saw them when i talked to the owner. who was a very nice man”

“Side by side hook ups way to close together WiFI was tengo but was not working tree seemed to block the signal staff friendly and took you to the sites probably because there was no clear its just field with hookups"

“i red your rewiews about the resort and went anyway. me and my wife had a wonderful time there. the people were very friendly . it was paradise. its what your looking for. camped by the river and it was great! you and nature.”

Then we also get reviews like the following that give no useful information for other travelers.

“A great little surprise on our trip north, stayed 2 nights, will come again when in the area.”

“Very good RV park”

“I enjoyed it very much”


At the opposite end of the scale are these:

“I am sharing a letter below that we had to write to the campground's Manager. We also sent a copy to the corporate office. We found their address online, however, they never contact us. We were promised by the manger to get 1/2 our money back, but did not receive all of it (it was short $20). We finally gave up trying to contact the manager. Letter to the Manager: We stayed at the [name removed] Campground on the above-referenced dates and endured many problems during our stay. Minutes before we packed up to leave the campground, you advised that a follow up would be made with us regarding these matters. We have not heard from you to date. This letter is to summarize the problems we had so that we can come to a resolution. Attached are copies of the three confirmations we received after making our reservation (electric and water sites). Note: each confirmation has a different price on it. When we contacted your facility to question the prices, we were told that the campground closed in 10 minutes. When I notified the person from your office that my friend would be calling immediately to resolve this issue, he stated he would pick up the phone and said “not to worry he will be by the phone”. But when my friend called back, nobody answered the phone and we had to wait until the next day for a resolution. We arrived at your campground Friday afternoon. The line to get into the park was so disorganized. Some of the vehicles in our group received car tags, park information, garbage bags, etc. and others did not. That night started the long weekend of no electricity. We have never been to a campground that offered 1 electricity pole for 4 camping vehicles. We paid for the site with electricity (which we believed was expensive to begin with) and should have had our own pole. I understand that it was a holiday weekend, but even your workers stated that this issue happens constantly through the camping season and that the campground was overbooked. One of your maintenance workers attempted to resolve this issue by taking an extension cord and running one of the camping vehicles electricity to another pole. This only worked for a few hours and we continued to be without electricity until the last night of camping. The campsite next to us started having the same problems. So the same maintenance person on your staff decided to run their electricity to our pole knowing very well we were already having the same issue. We were just getting back from the pool when we noticed we were without power yet again and our dogs had been in our camper without air conditioning. It was at least 100 degrees in our camper. This disturbed me more than anything along with the fact that we could not use our fridge and spent an incredible amount of money to purchase ice in order to keep our food cold. This was all on top of the disgustingly dirty shower rooms, campers blowing off fireworks, golf carts that drove too fast, extremely loud neighbors till at least 2 a.m. and the fact that when we first talked to you you were a “security guard” then the next time we talked to you you were thee “general manager”. You admitted doing this and stated the reason was to “control” certain calls. It was very apparent that rules listed on our website are not enforced by your campground. We tried to contact you on multiple occasions and even left our cell phone numbers. On one visit to the office, we were told that you were not in the park then heard your voice over the radio speaking to a female campground worker. It is really disappointing that we are having to contact you for resolution to these matters. It is astonishing that you knew of all these problems but choose to ignore them. We will not be camping at your campground again and do not wish to receive a credit to do so. At this time, we would like a refund of at least 50%.”

“my first introduction to the park was coming around the blind corner of south [name removed] and finding a 12'3" railroad underpass. see, i was looking for any port in a storm; i had planned to stay overnight at any walmart i could find since i would be leaving early the next day and i wasn't going to stay overnight in the motorhome anyway--i was meeting my wife in one of the downtown hotels (long story). anyway, screech. had to stop the motorhome--pulling a toad, of course--in the middle of the street while i called the cops to block traffic so i could unhook the cr-v and extricate myself from the position i had put myself in. longer story short, they never showed up and i had to do it without any assistance--unhook the toad, drive it to a side street, back the motorhome around a blind corner hoping no one was going to hit me in the process. it all worked out. so i get to the park well after closing, find an empty site from the list they post for the after-hours arrivals like me, and navigate myself down airstream drive to the site--which was the only pull-through left. the first thing you notice is how tight all the turns are. that's also the second and third thing you notice, too. the site was ok--gravel but level, narrow but wide enough, trees not cut back very much but just enough to barely scrape the top of the coach, and water pressure way too high but manageable with a pressure reducer. i hooked up as quickly as i could and went to meet my wife in town. got back the next morning and began securing for the short ride home--we live only about 35 miles northwest of [name removed]. the site i had chosen looked pretty good on paper--but i wasn't parked on a paper site. the turn out of the site was tight. we have a 34' FRED--i'm not sure a 40' coach would be able to make the turn but would have to back out instead. interesting idea, backing ut of a pull-through site. for a brief moment i suspected i was going to have to unhook the cr-v again to back up. anyhow, just made the turn and headed for the office to pay up. they take passport america so i got half off. nice people in the office. i didn't use any of the facilities during my stay--including my own motorhome. i would probably stay there again if i had a reason to--but i can't for the life of me think what it would be. they key ideas here are that the sites are pretty close together and the streets are narrow with some very sharp curves; don't take [name removed] street unless you have a short rv--or really want one; and make sure you have your own water pressure reducer--because they charge $17 for the one you can buy at walmart for $5.

Are any of these the type of reviews you want to see on this site? I’ll bet you didn’t even try to read all the way through those long ones, and neither will anyone else.

We are strict with our guidelines for a reason--it makes our reviews readable, and therefore, useful. If we posted reviews like the previous examples we would not be providing a very good service to our members.
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