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> Help With Rv Camp Sites! West Coast-usa, WEST COAST-USA BIG trip First timers from South africa! HELP
post Apr 17 2012, 08:34 AM
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So after a few post in other forums and tripadvisor we have finally planed our trip and route.

We are a young fun couple in 30s and 40s taking this big adventurous trip for the first time and we enjoy all things life throws at us at the end it is all about experiencing it!! .

PLEASE ANY ADVICE WILL BE VERY HELPFULL. We are from South africa Cape town and our first travel to USA -West Coast and very excited about it!

Please give me information on RV camp grounds - nice ones with views, amenities ect.

Here are the information of our travel.

Arriving on the 7th and depart on the 29th Of July 2012. (23 Days )

Driving an RV which we rented from a private person in Ontario for the duration of the trip.

My Partner is a Proffesional Photographer and his main aim is to take amazing photos of the national parks for magazines.


Pick up RV and do some grocery shopping

Drive starts from Ontario

* Twentynine Palms OR Joshua Tree National Park OR Morongo National Preserve

(* PLEASE ADVICE WHICH IS MORE BETTER TO VISIT?nice scenery ect and best campsite for overnight stay)

* Bill williams river national wildlife reserve - (Parker Dam)

* Lake Havusa City

( Possible sleep over- should we book RV site? which is best to book)

* Williams ( possible visit to FLAGSTAFF)

Is Flagstaff worth visiting? Any interesting sites or things to see and do?(flagstaff?) as its just off our route

* Grand Canyon Village
which side north or south best and RV campsite to book possibly we might not stay over)

* Olijato monument Valley

( will this be worth visiting? what can be seen do done there? my partner wants to drive there although its slightly of route we would then drive back down to highway 98)

* Page

(Possible overnight stay depends on how tired we are- RV campsite and the best one?)

* The Wave

( We are aware of the Lottery for the wave but because we dont have the exact date we would arrive at the wave we have decided not to go into the lottery, i have read there are other ways of seeing the waves)

* Kanab

* Zion National Park

* St George

* Las vegas

( We will try to avoid arriving on the weekend in Las vegas, going to stay 2 nights have not booked yet) Suggest a nice hotel with view and something romantic please. Please advice of where we could park off our RV we would like to stay in a hotel for 2 nights. Will hotel parking places keep the RV (at the hotel we stay at?)

* Death Valley National park
Stay overnight - Please suggest RV grounds to stay overnight. Any interesting things to see or do?)

* Drive on the 395 highway to South Lake Tahoe ( 338 mile) which is a long drive so possible stop over for night please advice? and on RV camp grounds)

*Sacramento (Highway 50)

* San Francisco

Stay 2 nights - RV Camp grounds to park as we will stay at hotel or if there are nice camp grounds for the RV should we stay in RV?

* San Jose

Passing through

*Pacific Highway

( this is a long drive and we would probably need to stay overnight but we not sure if there are any camp grounds for RV along this route where we could also sight see or go to the beach so somewhere close to the ocean) between Monterey and Morro Bay.

* Santa Babara

Spend the day ( suggest of Rv Camp Grounds for resting purpose and then probably tour the city?)

* Los Angeles

(2 days stay - RV camp ground suggestions? we will be doing some tours in the day walking and bus tours and will take a taxi and bus or train to get to the city)

Back to Ontario to drop of RV and flight back to Cape town South Africa.

We worked out 7 nights of stay over. Some places i did mention possible stay over so We have 3 nights stay over extra should we like a place to sleep over all depends on traffic and other possilbe incidents along the trip.

We have not booked anything yet and would like to start booking RC camp sites for the trip. So all suggestions is welcome and please include a grocery list of what to buy and place in Ontario.

Its quiet difficult as we may decide to stay a day extra at a place if we like it so not sure how the booking works if we go ahead and book for our whole trip.

Your advice on this trip will be highly appreciated. I have tried to attach our map but cant seem to do that.

I have read on many forums and posted on some but this is now our complete trip we have put together and other information here is so overwhelming i have not found a trip like ours on the forum.


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post Apr 20 2012, 07:13 PM
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Sorry I wrote this before I found out there is an Ontario, CALIFORNIA. Now your trip makes a lot more sense. Most of what I said below still stands, though. Sorry I assumed you were arriving somewhere in Ontario, Canada.

So now that you know that it will be hot in July, let me bring up something else. This is a really full itinerary for 23 days. I do not see how you will fit it all in, and I hope it will not be too frustrating when you find you may not be able to see everything youíve listed.

If I understand you correctly you are getting the RV in Ontario and then driving to southern California. You do realize that is somewhere around 2500 miles. Even if you drive 70 mph (which is not advisable in a really big RV), and if you drive 10 hours a day (that is a lot of driving in a big RV), it will take you 4 days of non-stop driving to get to the west coast. And when you finish your tour you will have to drive back to Ontarioóanother 4 days, so now you are down to 15 days to see the things youíve listed. Iím just afraid you have greatly underestimated the time you will need to travel to these places and the time you will need to see them. If you have never driven an RV before you need to realize that you cannot zip around in them like you can a car. By the way just how big is the RV youíre renting? You will be limited where you can go if you are driving a large vehicle.

Please understand that we are not trying to discourage you from doing this trip, but we do want you to have a pleasant time and be safe. That said, hereís what I recommend:

1. From the southern California area drive over to Lake Havasu. The drive up Hwy 95 to I-40 is pretty. Go west to Williams and stay there or go up to the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Hwy 64.

2. Do not miss the Grand Canyon. Both sides have a fantastic view, but the north side will be cooler and less commercial, so you might want to skip the south side and go on up to Page or Monument Valley and then Page.

If you stay at Page you can do day trips to both the north side of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Also near Page is Lake Powell with its out-of-this-world landscape. (The original Planet of the Apes was filmed there.) Also there is an incredible slot canyon nearby. I think its name is Antelope Canyon. You have to book a tour with a native guide, but ours knew all the great photo places. Horseshoe Bend, a little south of Page (on the Colorado River), is a place where lots of photographs are taken. If you stay overnight the Wahweap Campground at Lake Powell is a good place.

3. Monument Valley. We took a jeep tour during the full moon. It started in daylight and wound up with a spectacular full moon rising. We had a semi-professional photographer in the group with us, and the guide knew all the great places and angles to take pictures. I am not a professional photographer, but every time the guide pointed out a good location, I stood right behind the professional photographer and aimed the same direction he did. I have some of the best photos I have ever taken. If you stay there, Gouldings Lodge and Campground is the only thing nearby.

4. If you drive northwest from Page to Kanab on Hwy 98 (in Arizona) and then Hwy 89 (in Utah), there is some spectacular scenery, but as someone else mentioned, access to some of these areas may require a permit. Also be aware that if you try to go on to Zion National Park on Hwy 9, this is a steep, winding road with some one-direction-at-a-time tunnels. We have heard that large vehicles must have an escort to go through and that this can mean a long wait in summer. Again what size is your RV? Unfortunately I do not know a better way to go from Page over to Zion. Maybe someone else can help you with this.

Zion National Park is worth seeing, but if you get short on time I would drop it in favor of Yosemite.

5. If you do go to Zion then take I-15 down to Las Vegas. If you donít go to Zion, go south out of Page to I-40 and then northwest out of Kingman, AZ, on Hwy 93. This route will take you to the Hoover Dam. You can still drive over the dam, but they have also recently completed a new bridge that bypasses the dam. Follow the signs for parking for the bridge and you can then walk out on it for a fantastic view of the dam and a good photo opportunity.

6. Las Vegas! Everyone should see this place at least once. The only RV park on the strip is the KOA at Circus Circus. There are several other good parks (check out the reviews on this site) but they are off the strip which means you would need a way to get around as you will have trouble finding a place to park the RV on the strip.

7. Leaving Las Vegas take Hwy 95 northwest. I would also definitely skip Death Valley. It is unique, but not all that pretty. We have not been this way, but it looks like you would take Hwy 266 and then 168 to Hwy 395 which will take you to Yosemite National Park. We have not been there, yet, but it is supposed to be a donít miss place. I am also no help with RV parks in this area.

8. After this, backtrack to Hwy 395 and take it up to Lake Tahoe. Weíve only been there when it was snowing, but summer is supposed to be niceóbut crowded. The loop around the lake is a nice drive. Again check our website for campgrounds in the area. Then you can take Hwy 50 from the south Tahoe or I-80 on the north end and either of those roads will get you to Sacramento.

This is as far as I can take you because that is as far as we have ever gone. The trip so far could easily take up the time you have, but there is still lots to see and do in California. I know you want to pack in everything you can, but you might consider spending a little more time in the places Iíve mentioned and then heading back to Ontario from Lake Tahoe. You would miss California, but you would see some of the best scenery the US has to offer, and this will also allow your partner more time to take those great photographs.

Whatever you do I hope this is helpful to you and that you have a wonderful trip!
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