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> The Future Of Wi Fi In Campgrounds
post Mar 13 2013, 04:07 PM
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I know that this issue was brought up in another thread about charging for wi-fi, but, this is a different issue. I called a campground to inquire about space,price, and of course wi-fi.

When I got to the last question about wi-fi, the answer caught me off guard.

Me: Do you have wi-fi?

CG: Yes, for now.

Me: umm, what do you mean? I was thinking that they can't pay their bills or ________.

CG: We've been having problems with illegal downloads of music and sometimes movies. We might have to cancel or restrict sites.

Me: Oh, I got it.

Ok , so why am I posting this thread. I really would hate to see campgrounds start cancelling wi-fi because of this unspoken (hush hush) problem.

Some people might reply and say something like, I don't think the CG will want to lose customers. Well that might be true, but, they are business owners that don't want problems either.

This is only a FYI thread ( nothing more!!)

We know that this issue will continue for many years, I'm only saying that if people want to do this, then they should at least protect the park.

What do I mean? seeing that this is an open forum, I don't think I should give out the program (solution). Unless I'm requested to do so. ( or maybe by PM)

How do I know about this? My son was doing this at his mothers house, she got a {not so nice threat letter} from the internet service. I always wondered how he got 1,900 songs on his Ipod with no job or credit card. lol,lol He lied at first and said he got them from his friend down the street. Lol, well your friend has no job either.

I researched this issue for about 2 days, and I found out what he did wrong. He was not protecting his IP address while downloading. Hint!

I know this is a sensitive post, but, it's happening every day in every CG.

Some parents might ask- Are their warning signs I should look out for? Yes, but let's wait and see if this post goes anywhere.

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post Apr 5 2013, 09:42 PM
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I was talking to a campground owner and I think campgrounds are going to quit offering free (open) wifi and offer a paid service soon.

The reason is when you put up your credit card to buy wifi, then there is a way to track your use of the internet. So if your kids are downloading music or someone is sending Kiddy porn, the campground is not the one who gets in trouble. It changes the “end” user from the campground to the camper. Why would any campground want to face the legal trouble to offer free wifi? Just think of all the bad press if some pervert start downloading kiddy porn at the campground, the campground have a free open system and has no way of knowing who is downloading what. So the cops show up and bust the campground owner for the kiddy porn downloaded at his IP address.

Now why would any owner want to have that type of problem? If he gets hit with a $100,000 find, how many camp sites will he have to rent at $30 per night just to pay the fine? And you won’t want to camp there any more because the campground was in the local paper for kiddy porn. Can you blame them for not offering FREE wifi?
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