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> The Future Of "camping"
post Jul 29 2013, 03:07 PM
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I have been camping for a while now (my whole life, I'm 36). This year I graduated from tent camping to a 23' HTT. My wife bailed on tent camping 10 years ago, its been friends & family until we got the camper.

Since we have been camping (locally in New England) so much more this year (compared to the last 10 years) I am really noticing some things.

1, When did we get invaded by Quebec??? The folks seem nice enough, I just see such a strong population of them everywhere I go! I really need to dust off my French...lol biggrin.gif
2, For the life of me I cannot find the attraction/appeal of the "parking lot" style of campground. Aren't we all camping to be in the woods with nature?? Ya know, trees, vegetation, dirt roads etc??? Some of these parks (one right down the road from me) get great reviews?!?!?! I just don't get the appeal. dry.gif
3, Wow....it is not cheap to camp anymore! It is easy to see $40-$60/night for 2 adults?!?! $10/head after that, with a limit of 6 per site. My very last trip cost me $230.00 for 3 nights w 6 people...Why the heck do they make campers that sleep more than 6 then?!?! Mine sleeps 10!!! wink.gif
4, Beware of the websites for campgrounds. While I have not had a terrible experience (yet), I have had to change plans due to the conditions at one of our latest campgrounds.
5, Doesn't anyone enjoy getting back to basics/nature? I know this statement could be cliche seeing as I am enjoying my brand new RV. However, I am not sitting on my phone/tablet/FB surfing the internet. Isn't camping supposed to be an experience with the environment/nature?!?!? I just cant come to terms with the reviews that complain heavily about WiFi signal/access. unsure.gif (Workamping folks aside obviously).

Things were so different 20 years ago....

Thats all for now smile.gif

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post Sep 1 2013, 05:37 PM
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I registered with this forum to specifically reply to this posting.

"Different strokes for different folks" is missing a variable. Now days, money out does some strokes for some folks.

My wife and I are in a 50's. I stopped camping along time ago because what appeared to be a trend in the way people camped. I use to tent camp long long time ago before RVs were the big thing. They were around but the campsites were geared towards tent campers. Most people who had money wouldn't/couldn't do anything as disgusting as 'camp', out in the wilderness, for God sakes. And with that we were all on a level playing field. Going camping was fun. Nature was beautiful. We all helped each other and it was fun to meet new people around a camp fire.

Then came the campers, RV are what the are called. They are not campers they are Recreation Vehicles. With them all the comforts of home. Now those who wouldn't/couldn't camp were taking up the places that basic people only did for fun. Now it is a mobile hotel stop and they will back right over a tent in a second for that hotel spot.

My wife and I decided we were going to try camping again. We are older so a few amenities would be nice. Running water, electricity for a fan in the summer, small things. We even bought a tent to see if we would like it before I modify a utility trailer to be our camper. That's right, modify a utility trailer to be a camper, because we can't afford a real camper. We were afraid that things might be as I thought they were so we decide we would go to the campsites in the area on this Labor day Weekend and see what we could see. UNBELIEVABLE. Campers, sorry, RV upon RV, people stacked 2 feet apart. Some even had their tables in the street. This was at three different 'campgrounds'.

I remembered along time ago a book you could by that listed all the campgrounds. Now I see that is gone and a new book has taken its place, one dedicated to RV's. THey say they are for campgrounds but it is really dedicated to RV Resorts.

Now we did find a couple hidden state and local campgrounds where camping is still camping. But, are you people serious? What is the point? Those with big rigs, pull up throw up the satellite antenna, get the big screen tv hooked up under your canopy, and then go inside and leave it playing with no one watching some football game or other sporting event. AC and generators running full blast, not a soul insight. Bicycles everywhere with no one on them.

I am sorry but it looked like a zoo.

If this is camping, we may need to think again. A fun family activity has been ruined all because of money, just like so many other things in this life. Money and commercialism.
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