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> Good Sam???, Roadside Assistance
post May 23 2005, 08:21 PM
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We pay right at 100.00 a year for the Good Sam Roadside Assistance and twice it has let us down. First time it left us stranded at the Arizona Welcome Rest Area when we were having problems with the axels on our 5th wheel. They couldn't find someone to come out on a holiday weekend. (like people don't RV on holiday weekends...) and I used our other vehicle to go the 20 miles back in to Gallup and was able to get the TA truck to come back to help us get back on the road.

Then this time was in Tennessee when the starter decided to die at the truck stop during a fuel stop. They again, couldn't find help for us, but I was able to get a tow truck there in 10 minutes and he was able to tow the F350 to the dealer in Jackson 40 minutes away and the Ford dealer (at 4:30 pm on a Friday) was able to get us back on the road by 6:00.

I have found that Good Sam is just not worth the value of their membership or their so called roadside assistance.
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