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Full Version: Attendance At Essex Jct, Vt.
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Just a question for Beastdriver, did you attend the 2006 Newmar Rally at Essex Junction Vermont ?? We were in Maine in September, and a great number of Newmar Rv owners were in the same campground at the same time. As we walked around the cg daily, we had an opportunity to chat with several and was just wondering if you may have been one that we had a chat with. We did not attend the rally ourselves as we do not have a Newmar coach, but was told that large numbers of Newmars were to attend. Was just wondering-thanks.
Butch: Nope. We did not attend the Rally in Essex Junction. Being a huge (literally) Ben and Jerry's ice cream fan, I am afraid that, if we had, we would have probably overdosed since this is where they are located.
We were there and had a great time. The Fairgrounds has a major water drainage problem that needs to be resolved. The rain and mud were major issues.

Yes, we did go to Ben and Jerry's.
Cheryl Fuller
Okay guys, what am I missing - I can honestly say that I have never tasted Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I see it at the grocery store, but it is always more expensive, so I always get the Dreyer's (choc. chip cookie dough).

You are missing the absolute best ice cream in the world--provided that you forget about calories, fat content, carbohydrates, sugar, etc. This ice cream is made to be GOOD--to heck with healthy eating concerns. I remember touring the Ben and Jerry plant in Vermont one year and watching them make "Apple Pie Vanilla" ice cream. They had people standing over the vat of REAL vanilla ice cream (no air, no fillers), breaking up REAL apples pies and throwing them into the mixture. That should tell you something about them!
Ymmmm,Ymmmm, yes Cheryl, Ben & Jerrys is the "BEST". Like Beastdriver says, "throw caution to the wind and indulge". Lake Placid, New York has a Ben & Jerrys ice cream store on Main St and they are very busy, no matter whatever the time of year. Cheryl, with all that snow you have, YOU could make ice cream, what do you think ?? Good grief !!
Cheryl Fuller
Well Butch, homemade ice cream is a staple at every warm weather Fuller family get together. I am still using the same ice cream freezer we got 25 yrs. ago, but it does the trick. The most requested flavor is banana...
John Blue
On Wed. we went over to the Tampa RV show. Very nice day at 75 deg's with Blue skies. Newmar had a big rally group in trees near one of the gates. I would guess couple hundred units and I think everyone was eaten Ben & Jerrys ice cream. At the end of our day we all went out had a great meal and a little ice cream. This helps keep down the heat. tongue.gif
Cheryl Fuller
Okay guys, we were at the grocery store and I saw the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and I told Greg that it came highly recommended by people whose opinions I really trust. It was $4 for the little bitty one and Dreyer's was on sale 2/$6 for the big ones so he said it didn't make sense to get the Ben & Jerry's, but I said I had to see what all the fuss was about. I bought a small container of Caramel Fudge something or other. I am quite sure that it does not fit in the diet I am trying to follow, but it sure was good!!!! I actually only ate about 8 bites, as it was so rich and yummy, I was quite satisfied after that amount. The only problem is that there is still almost a whole container in the freezer, just waiting on me....

At eight bites at a time, the Ben & Jerry's should last till spring. Yes Cheryl, spring will come, believe it or not, as per the news, We see you got blasted with another snow storm this last weekend. Enough already !! The only good thing about the snow is; the reservoirs and lakes will be full, come spring, and water should be plenitful for this summer. When I was younger, a lot of years ago, my parents used to make homemade ice cream with our homegrown strawberries, it was so good !!

Safe travels, good health,
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