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Full Version: Do any parks rent RV's during winter months?
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Hi, my retired parents are looking to spend winter months in FL due to my father's heart condition. He was told to go to a warmer climate during the cold months. However, they are living on my father's Military Disability which isn't much. Does anyone know where or how they might be able to spend their winter months in FL (preferably no more than an hour from Kissimme/Orlando. They can only afford $300 to $500 a month. They have a small house broken dog (Cairn Terrior) & would need the place to be furnished since they'd only be living there during the winter months & then in PA the rest of the year. I thought that maybe they should look into an RV park. They don't have a trailer, but I was wondering if anyone would know if anyone ever rents their trailer during winter months? I hope someone out there has some advice.... Thanks
Cami, I know you are looking in Florida but I thought I would mention that at a few of the parks out here on the West Coast there are things called Park Models. These are very similar to small cottages but are still registered like RVs. Some of them are puchased by private owners who then rent a RV space to place them in. Some of those private owners rent the Park Models out on a seasonal basis and this might work out great for you.

I know that our park manager has a uncle who has a park model in Venice, Florida a community near Sarasota, Florida on the Gulf coast. I will find out if he rents it out when he is not using it. I will post the information here for you if he is interested.

Park Models may be called somethnig else out there. I would just call some of the bigger RV parks in the areas you are interested in and ask about seasonal park model rentals.

Hope I have helped.
Sheila Sparlin
Owner, Sea Bird RV Park
check They rent out around 5 units. The cost is slightly higher than you have listed, but worth investigating.

Ask for Bonnie!
Cami, you mentioned Florida, which I am sure there are some there that do rent RV's...but I'd like to also mention to you Rockport, Texas. (Port Aransas area)It is a wonderful place that we stayed last year during the winter and early spring that had many RV rentals, as well as hotels, cottages, and cabins that were in RV parks that were available for rent. The park we stayed in not only rented RV's for those that didn't have them and wanted to spend time with family members that did but they also had a small motel there for those that preferred the motel rooms, as well as wonderful 2 bedroom fully furnished cottages in a beautiful wooded section. There were also some one room log cabins there as well. It was a wonderful place where people were friendly and they cater to the Winter Texans, and since you mentioned that your father's health isn't well, there is an excellent small hospital there in town, as well as major hospitals in Corpus Christi which is only about 20 mintues away! There is also an RV dealer there that rents the RV's direct, then you can choose whichever park you want to stay in. The weather there is warm all winter also... and the people are wonderful. You will find it to be a wonderful winter experience for your father to enjoy!! You can find more information about Rockport on the internet or by contacting the Rockport/Fulton Chamber of Commerce. P.S. I'll also share with you, since you mentioned your father's limited income that we stayed in a wonderful park with full hookup, including telephone with activation and high speed internet connections on every site, concrete drives and pads with concrete patios at each site, new clean bathrooms and a small laundry, with roomy sites, and far enough out of town not to hear traffic, close enough to the water to see it without the spray... and all of this cost us less than $225 per month including our electricity!!

We've wintered in other parts of the country which were just as wonderful..and we enjoyed them also... but for the price and the amenities, why drive further than you have to... especially if you're father is not well!!!

P.S. We also have spent time in Florida.. and the prices there in the winter time border on ridiculous ... but then it's that supply and demand thing!! So Happy Trails and we'll hope to see you and your family in Texas this winter!!!
You might try Sunset Isle RV park and motel on Cedar Key, Florida. They have RV's and motel rooms and the island is a wonderful place. There is a website but I don't know what it is. Good luck!
Mr. Camper
Try Georgetown Marina and Lodge. Georgetown is a little more than an hour north of Orlando but they are right on the St. Johns River. The cabins are clean, well furnished and the staff is great. They also have some RV sites. Sorry but they don't have a website. I'm also not sure of their phone but it's easily available.
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