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Full Version: family vacation ideas
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We just recently "graduated" to a Class A Motorhome and are ready to see the sights! We've been to lots of places here in Texas and also Disney World in Florida. Does anyone have any information on South Myrtle Beach and would it be fun for a 15 year old boy? Thanks for any ideas. biggrin.gif
Pirateland is a lot of fun for kids, they have the lazy river.
John Blue
Need more help. You ask for information on South Myrtle Beach. Do you mean North Myrtle Beach?
Next town south of Myrtle Beach is Surfside Beach and then Garrden City. I have been to North Myrtle Beach a number of times. If this is the place do you wish to park on ocean or inland side? Also the beach is very slow this time of year. Lot of people live on beach year round and in summer months place is full of people.

You may wish to travell down to Charleston if you like to vist old towns. Driving time about two hours down Hwy 17. Great place to take a 15 year old kid, lot to see and do here.
One of the family vacation ideas that you can consider is a cruise for you and your kids. Traveling by ship with your family is a new experience since most vacations are often traveled by land or by plane. Another vacation idea is an all-inclusive family vacation package. This is convenient for you because you won’t have to worry about all the other vacation concerns and activities.
Jerry S
Now here's a million dollar question! What is fun for a 15 year old boy? Basic answer - it depends on the kid. Is he a jock, a geek, average, typical, shy, socialable, etc.? You know your kid better than anyone on this forum, but, like many parents, maybe not as well as you think. Remember, he is 15, not 12. Having 3 nephews and 2 neighbor boys (now 16-20), I have some recent experience with this animal (15 year old boys). Among other generalities, 15 year olds have fun doing things, some of which we older adults just don't get - hanging out at the mall, video/computer/internet games, sports (not mini-golf with mom and dad), just being with other kids their age, and not being anywhere near adults. On vacation, you will not be able to insure that your son has these "fun" things as an option.

I've talked to a lot of parents vacationing with teens. Many of them try to come up with "fun" things for the teens and fail. It ends up a bad trip for everybody. So, ask your son (not us) what he will enjoy (or at least, be able to tolerate) and hope for the best.

Good luck and have fun.

Your suggestions are good, and Jerry S you are right about asking the 15 year old what he likes to do. However, did you two notice that the original post in this thread was made in Jan. 2004. Now you need to think about things that would keep a 19 year old interested.
Jerry S
Thanks Tex.

As much as I hate to sound like an old f**t trying to be hip - MY BAD!!! It didn't even occur to me to check out the date on the original post in a thread with only 3 posts. Even so, maybe my post will help somebody else realize how awkward it can be to travel with kids that age.
A great trip if you have time is to go to Washington DC. spend at least a week as there is so much to see. Stay at Cherry Hill park in Md. Tour buses and city buses come right to the park.

Then drive over to Annapolis Md ( Naval Academy) and then down the eastern shore of Virginia across the Chesapeake Bay bridge.
Stop in Virginia Beach, Holiday Travel Park is neat. The follow rt 17 south to Myrtle Beach and on to Charleston and Hilton Head.
A great way to spend a summer.

Only problem would be if a hurricane or two decided to come up the east coast.

Have fun and stay safe.
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