Residents at Portland Fairview RV park are unhappy with our fairly new managers. Long term residents have had many changes made in the park since the park was sold and under new management. What used to be a wonderful park to live in has turned sour. Many of us are looking for a new park to live in. Many long term residents have already moved.

Most of our amenities have been taken away. First free cable was taken away, next our exercise room next to the office was transferred to the log cabin where we held parties. The equipment takes away our room to have banquets, weddings, and gatherings. The manager now has a beautiful redecorated office where she can keep her bird in a large cage. The log cabin has no bathroom, no heat, and recently got flooded and now smells musty. The only ones getting amenities is the managers. We have to pay more fees.

We lost our hot tub hours. It used to be from 8:00 AM TO 10:PM. Now it is at 5:00 PM TO 9:00 PM. It is an inconvient time because most of us are fixing dinner or just getting home from work. We used to have the hot tub open on Sundays and now it is closed Sundays.

Residents asked the manager to take care of trees, so far three residents have had damage done to their RV's. They all moved.

The manager is angry and loses his temper with the tenants. He comes pounding on the door if there is an infraction and sticks his finger in our faces and tries to intimidates us. He belittles us in front of other customers in the office, and if we tell him there is a problem he disagrees with us. The water is bad and he won't do anything about it. Says it's not his problem.

Recently we got a letter and he is overcharging for electricity.

The list goes on, but need I say more?

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