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Full Version: Any Suggestions Appreciated
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I would appreciate any suggestions for a small vacuum or sweeper (rechargeable) for pet hair in my motorhome. I have tried several and they just seem to clog with the pet hair.

DFF: I wish you luck, and I hope somebody can come up with a good one. Over the past five years, we have purchased SEVEN so-called "powerful" rechargeable vacs, but none have worked well. They either lack the power, or get clogged up easily, or both. I'm looking forward to any replies you get!
I was very interested in the answers you might get because our cats really shed, but it doesnít look like anyone has a suggestion for you. That sucks. (pun intended.) I am hesitant to mention what we use because it is OK, but not great. We have a very old Dirt Devil. I read where this particular model came out in 1984, and we must have one of the first ones. It is called a hand vac, but it is NOT cordless and it has a rotating brush both of which make it a little better than todayís cordless models. It has an attachable hose and tools. It is small and easy to store. The biggest drawback is that it does not have a handle that allows you to use it on the floor while you are standing up. You have to get on your hands and knees to use it. Not wonderful for people in our age bracket, but thank goodness we are still healthy enough to crawl around. All this got me to thinking about newer models. I looked at the Dirt Devil web site, but it is currently under construction, so then I found some at They still have one like ours (now upgraded) and several other models worth considering. They have two canister models, but I couldnít tell how big the canisters were. And when I was on another site I found where Dirt Devil even has one of the centralized RV vacuum systems. Iím sure that is big bucks, but you can check it out at

If you find something great, please be sure to let the rest of us furry pet lovers know.
John Blue
We have an on board centralized RV vacuum system. The pulling power is to low to pick up much stuff off floors and other places. We picked up a shop vac from Home Depot (5 gal model) that works very well. We use it to clean inside motorhome, tow car, and bays under motorhome. We carry no pets so hard to say about pet hair but I think this system will pick up anything from rocks to nails. You will have some noise from it.
Cheryl Fuller
We have some kind of Dirt Devil handvac - no sure what model it is. Hubby always does the vacuuming in the RV as it is harder for me to get done on my knees (at 47, he is 2 years younger than me). I am going to mention John's idea to him, we have a shopvac here at home, and might be a good idea to get one for the motorhome also.
This may not sound like the most techno answer and as far as the latest and greatest but here is what my wife uses in our trailer and my truck which has had the back seat modified to carry our 2 labs everywhere we go, 1 is actually white so that should tell you the amount of hair and color. They make a tape roller that removes lint and pet hair off clothes. They also make one that is about 12" wide with a long handle like a broom. This will pick up pet hair like no other vacuum around and it doesn't cost allot. Just get a few replacement rollars and your set for awhile and you can get them almost anywhere. It works on the floor and the furniture. Picks the hair right off my dark grey interior of my truck. We have a Dirt Devil as well but she uses that for general cleaning and the tape roller for the hair.

That is an interesting solution you have. We have a couple of the hand held tape rollers that work well, but I did not know they made a large one for the floor. I think that would be a big help to us. I'll look for one. Do you think Home Depot or Walmart would have them?
I had to ask my wife, she say's you can get them at Target. She also had another suggestion for making it easier. You spray the couch or whatever you want to remove the hair from with static gard first. That removes the static and allows the hair to come up easier. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. Every little bit helps. I'll give the static guard a try, too. We will be right by a Target today so I'll look for the roller. If they don't have it, there is a Walmart just down the street. All this started out for use in the RV, but the roller and static guard will work well in our house, too. Those darn cats just shed so much you would think they would be bald by now!
I'm happy I could help. Static is what makes the hair stick to everything so much so if you can release that it comes up much easier. My wife sprays the seats in my truck and the furniture in the house and trailer before we let the dogs in and it keeps it from sticking so bad. She rolls up enough hair to build 10 dogs and 5 cranky cats.
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