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Can anyone suggest how I might be better able to target a specific geographic location within a state in my search for a campground? When I click on a particular state, I see the drop down menu of all of the towns within that state where there are campgrounds which have been reviewed. My problem is that if I'm not familiar with the state I need to first locate the town on say, Mapquest, and then determine if the town is within reasonable driving distance for the trip I want to make. Is there a better way for me to conduct my search? Thanks.
Jerry S

I don't want to sound too "old school", but l always have good old-fashioned U.S. road atlas within arms' reach whenever I am on the computer. Just flip to the state and check the towns in your area of interest and check it againts this sites' listed towns. Be advised, however, that every park in the area may not be on this site. If a park in that area has not been reviewed, it will not be on this site.

Good Luck,

Jerry S.
Spindrift: While we all joke about the uselessness of Woodall's and the Trailer Life Directory, the Trailer Life Directory is good in pinpointing where campgrounds are located through the country. I use the map in Trailer Life to find out if there is a campground of any type near where I want to be, and then I go to RV Park Reviews to determine if I want to stay there. My basic rule of thumb is, if it ain't reviewed positively in RV Park Reviews, I don't even consider it. Another way to do it is to become a "Gold Member" of Trailer Life on-line and conduct searches for specific areas and types of campgrounds. Hope this is helpful.
OK..I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't some feature on this site that I'm not using properly.

Great site, by the way. I hope to be able to make a contribution. I spend way too much time on the diesel forums.

There is a feature on this site you can use to search for campgrounds in a specific area. Click on the campground search at the top of the page. On the right side of the page that comes up is a search nearby feature. You can select a city, state, and a distance. Example: Colorado Springs, Colorado with a distance of 25 miles. This will pull up a list of campgrounds with 25 miles of Colorado Springs. However, as Jerry mentioned, it will only pull up campgrounds that have been reviewed on this site. This can also be done by zip code so if youn know the zip code the attraction is in you won't need to put in a specific city. Hope this helps.
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