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As avid skiers, winter in northern New England is not a problem for my wife and I. But once the snow melts, we go into mud and black fly season here. This is the time of year we "bail out" and head for the beaches of South Carolina.
Our trips have been great, except in one respect: where to stay in Pennsylvania!

Maybe we are just unlucky, but we have stayed in some of the most awful RV parks in this state, as we leave from and return to Maine. In reading the reviews on this forum, it seems that one company is buying up a lot of the parks in the central and southeastern parts of Pennsylvania....and the reviews fit with our experiences for some of them. Namely, terrible!

Does anyone have suggestions of good parks to stay in for the rough triangle of Port Jervis-to-Philadelpia-to-Harrisburg?
We don't need miniature golf courses, playgrounds, or game rooms. Just clean restrooms, clean and attractive grounds, and quiet conditions. Thanks so much. MaineDon
I have stayed overnight in the 81-80 RV Park and Campground last October. I found it perfect for an overnighter, far enough so the traffic noise from the interstate was bearable. I'm pretty difficult to please in that respect as I live in a very quiet area, I don't mind to travel several additional miles for a good nights sleep. I is in the review section under Drums, PA, and the reviews are accurate. For me the only misadventure there was that I stepped into some dog-poop hidden among the fallen leaves, but this is not the park's fault.
Also, in the early 1990's I have stayed more than once at the Jonestown KOA. It too is in the review section. It is far enough from major roads that it is very quiet at night. Check out the address with google earth or google maps, you'll see. Someone wrote a review in 2005 stating the park was only 2 years old, but this person was obviously mistaken.
Thanks, wp.....we will check 80-81 out on our trip south next month. We saw this park listed in Trailer Life last year when we passed through. I am not certain why we didn't stay there. I certainly will not go back to the place near Scranton where we ended up! Thanks for the tip and good travels to you. Maine Don
dog bone

we use to stay at mountain vista by e stroudsburg. close to marshalls creek flee market. it's about 15 minutes off of rt 80 just off of rt 209. family run, clean. level sites even though the campground is on the side of a hill.

if your stay awhile, there is a lot to do in the area. candle shops, micro brews, and a nice sized flee market, that's open on the weekend.. there is also a ski resort there also.
Thanks, dogbone, for another suggestion. We usually drive the Delaware Water Gap route from Point Jervis to Stroudsburg, then on to DelMarVa. The last 3 years we have stayed at the KOA outside of Stroudsburg, but have found the staff there to be rather unpleasant.....and they have this weird dog policy that you can't walk your dog (on leash....with dog bag in hand) around the park roads. You can only walk the dog (if necessary) from your site to the "dog exercise area", which is about the size of a large bread box. After being accosted by the manager last year because I didn't take a direct path from site-to-breadbox, I put our Welsh Terrier in the area for "exercise" and she looked at me like, "What on earth am I doing in here??" So if Mt. Vista is clean and well run (and a little more dog friendly), it might work well for us. Thanks for the tip.
dog bone

just for some more info. we have a 95lb black lab that we walked all over the campground. not a problem. he will not leave our site, even when he is not hooked up.

last time i was there the bathhouse could use some attention. not that it was dirty, just needed some up dating. they have had posted some good reviews in this forum.

there is another campground close by. fernwood. between the two i would go to mt vista. we stayed at fernwood because it was open all year. we like to stay out camping as long as we can and as long as we can. they are pet friendly also.
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