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Full Version: How The Heck Do I Get My Review Posted
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I have tried upteen times under my old membership, husband's membership and new membership to post campground reivews. I get to the page where it is all filled in CORRECTLY - nothing missing and when I click next it just keeps coming back to that page. None of the reviews I have posted have gone into the queue (need to post 3 or something before they show up). I am at my wits end - what the heck am I doing wrong? DonnaB
You do need to post 3 and then, you need to wait for the webmaster to put them online. He/she doesn't always do this everyday. If it's been a week or so since you posted the reviews, then I would suggest PMing the webmaster and asking what, if anything, you're doing wrong. Also, check to make sure your web browser allows cookies, that could be your problem.
Let me rephrase my question and hopefully someone will tell me what I am doing wrong. I have tried to submit several reviews. I do not get to the confirmation page that the review was submitted - it just keeps going back to the page where it says all items must be filled out. Surely if it is going into a queue it would still give me some sort of confirmation or at least take me to a different page. All items ARE filled out. The reviews do not show up in a queue (1 of 3 or 2 of 3 or whatever). I have cookies enabled. I am a registered member and I am logged in. Any ideas anyone? I am using XP with the popup blocker off just in case that was it. I have used different internet service providers and it is still happening. The same exact thing is happening on my husband's computer and account - we keep getting this message "items marked with star are required - please recheck all your answers for accuracy" - this does not make sense! DonnaB
Eureka - I discovered what I was doing wrong - thanks to my husband. I don't know if this information will be useful to anyone but what I was doing wrong was I thought I was filling in the date visited correctly. Where it says select month - I just went to the DAY field and put in the month number (ie 2 for Feb) and year instead of using the drop down menu for the month. I feel so stupid and my husband said I am probably the only one who has made this mistake. sad.gif DonnaB
Motorhome Madness
I guess Internet explorer must let you enter stuff in those boxes, with Firefox I can only choose from the drop-down. I wish all our users would use firefox, the state maps show cities with campgrounds with firefox. You can get firefox from Get FIREFOX web browser
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