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Full Version: Attention: Pet Owners: Dog Food Recall!!!
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I know there are a lot of those who travel with pets who visit this site and just thought I'd post a thread concerning the large recall of "wet" dog food sold throughout this country under numerous names and sold at numerous locations.

Here's an article concerning the recall...

Hope all your pets are safe! smile.gif

Thanks for posting this info. It has been in the news a lot but it never hurts to get info like this out in more places, especially since it can kill a pet. It is important to note that not only dog food is being recalled. The recall includes about 48 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food but seems to be limited to their "cuts and gravy" style of food that is sold in pouches and cans. Looking at the list of brands it seems to include everything from generic brands to some well known brands. This kind of makes me wonder something. The recall is from the manufacturer "Menu Foods" and involves something in the range of 88 brands of food between both dog and cat food. It makes me wonder just how much difference there actually is between the different brands of food. huh.gif It reminds me of an episode of "The Simpsons" I saw. Marge and Homer are in a food court type area. One of them goes up to an English style food booth and orders the Beef Wellington. The other goes up to another completely different booth (like Chinese food or something) and orders something completely different. The camera then pans down to the basement where conveyor belts to the various food booths converge. At the bottom there is a person who then pulls two pieces of meat out of this single vat that he is standing next to and send it up to the two booths that Marge and Homer just ordered from. laugh.gif I can kind of picture the same thing with the pet food. Just a big vat of pet food that gets split off and put into cans for different brands. I know that this isn't how it really works but i can't help picturing it like that when I read this story.
Thanks for mentioning cats, too. Unfortunately we have a cat that we really suspect may have gotten sick from this food. She got very sick the middle of January and we really thought we were going to lose her. However, our wonderful vet pulled her through, but she spent 7 days in the vet hospital on fluids and other meds. Then we had to continue to give her 2 more antibiotics for 20 days, and she is still on 2 meds, but doing OK. At the time she was diagnosed with kidney, liver and gall bladder trouble--they never did say failure, just trouble. When I heard about the recall of course I checked the brands and we had fed her a couple of the ones listed. The only reason we are not sure if it was the food that made her sick is because we have a second cat that ate the same food and he did not get sick. But he is several years younger and a little less susceptible. I intend to ask our vet if she thinks the food was the problem. I'm just so thankful our situation turned out ok.
Thanks, COW...didn't mean to leave the cats out...that's what I get for trying to write a post at 3 a.m., LOL.
UPDATE ON PET FOOD RECALL!!!!!! They are now saying the recalled pet food DOES include CAT FOOD !!!!!! There has been some dog food invovled mainly wet (can) food but now there is talk of a BIG problem with CAT FOOD. I have seen several news stories online regarding this matter just thought it was worth repeating for those with cats to know about the new NEWS.
QUOTE(Meterman46 @ Apr 1 2007, 07:28 PM) *


Wow...has it really been a YEAR since this all hit the fan ???
Critters n Me
QUOTE(FosterImposters @ Mar 29 2008, 07:12 PM) *

Wow...has it really been a YEAR since this all hit the fan ???

Amazing isn't it!!!

Just as an FYI, I recently purchased (with a buy one get one free coupon) two containers of the new wet Beneful dog food. It comes in plastic tubs with a foil top seal under a plastic lid (sort of like a yogurt container). When putting away the food in my RV, one of the containers dropped off the counter onto the carpet. This popped the plastic lid off and dented the corner of the container enough that the foil seal came loose. (have to say: There was NO sign of any damage or anything to the container when I bought it, otherwise I wouldn't have!)

The STUFF that came out....well it wasn't dog food. IMHO it wasn't even spoiled dog food. It smelled and looked like....well imagine a black water tank that had sat full and unemptied in the summer sun for about eight years. Black liquid....ummm....crap.

Anyhow, after several calls to Purina (mfr of Beneful), and finally contacting the FDA, they sent out someone to pick this up. After it had absolutely RUINT everything in my fridge/freezer (even though it was in three ziploc bags, 2 paper bags, and 3 other plastic bags) where I stored it to wait for someone to respond! (STINK OMG!!!!!!!!)

Anyhow, the second container I purchased was least the seagulls seemed to think so (wasn't going to take a chance on feeding it to the dogs.....but it smelled ok, good actually!!!!, so I went ahead and left it out for the gulls!)

The containers have clear plastic bottoms, the 'bad' one just looked horrid dark black inside (of course, I didn't know what it was SUPPOSED to look like!) while the 'good' one looked like .... well...actually it looked like beef stew!!!

I trust Purina generally....but this was BAD. Even if it was a 'spoilage' problem, obviously the seal/packaging of this product needs to be re-worked, cuz I wouldn't have purchased it if there had been any dents/bulging/leaks/tears etc.

Just an FYI!!!

I hope anyone who had a furbaby harmed by the year ago (!!!) recall is doing well now!!!

Oh my, when I saw this subject on "view new posts," I was thinking, "NO NOT AGAIN!!!!!!" ohmy.gif Then I realized it was the thread that started a year ago. dry.gif

I hope this doesn't happen. So far, my cat's food wasn't affected.

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