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Full Version: Wagon Trails Resort Jefferson Ohio
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Recently visited here and they offer a buy in type deal, I was wondering if anyone has ever been there and did they or do they like it? or is it a scam
I am not going to comment on the location or ammenities of the resort, but in short it is a campsite out in the middle of nowhere with the definition of cabins being mobile homes. Let me first tell you about how terrible the customer service is. I signed up on April 9th for a 1 year trial membership to the resort, not a cheap membership in any regard ($800). It is now May 21st and I have yet to recieve any information from Wagon Trails other then a the folder and contract I signed when I made the commitment. Over the past few weeks I have made countless calls to my sales rep (Randy), associates at the campround, owners of the campground, customer service reps at coast to coast (parent company), and customer service reps at Preffered Access (additional program that Wagon Trails belongs to). I am trying to book a vacation through Preffered Access for my girlfriends 30th birthday. Not only is no one helping me do this, but I was told from my Wagon Trails sales rep to call Preffered Access directly because he can't seem to get through to them. Well... he gave me the wrong phone number, so I went to Preferred Access's website dialed their 800 number, and immediately was in contact with a rep. She (Linda) proceeded to tell me that they have not received any paperwork from Wagon Trails yet, and said to date I don't exist in their system. She graciously offered to call Wagon Trails office to help rush the paper work (Thank you Linda). I then dialed the Wagon Trails office, to again not recieve any help with my situation. I have still not recieved my membership code to book a vacation which we were planning to take during the 3rd week of June. Even if I get my membership number today, I can only imagine how much airline ticket prices are going to be 3 weeks before flying to the Carribean. I totally regret ever signing up for even a trial membership at Wagon Trails, and would urge whomever to look somewhere else.
Well of course the only positive response is from an employee. The best part of the reponse is that he states he doesn't know if he will stay there. Must be a really great place. The comment that I find really interesting is this: "Lets be serious ...if you have the down payment or pay in full do you think they will turn you away"

That is so true...they just want your money and the "amenities" at the campground aren't any better than your own back yard. In fact, your back yard is probably better! The place is no more than a shabby, run down, hole in the ground. They promise the sky, and deliver a SCAM! Run fast - Stay away from these folks!

FYI - Check out the Better Business report on them. They rate an F. mad.gif
mad.gif Sorry to say my wife and I fell for the campground sales person's lies. We were not told nor was it portrayed as a Timeshare when we won the contest at the fair but as a campground membership. We were told that "in order to "give up" our membership they would like to receive notice in writting." For the first 2 years I was in school full time and worked a ful time job so there was no time for camping. However, we paid the yearly dues as was expected and did not mind doing so. In 2008 about 4 months before the dues were to be paid I wrote we no longer wanted to be members and did not hear from the "Resort" until a few weeks before the next year dues were to be paid. They stated it is a Timeshare and we were trapped in the payments for the rest of our lives, that we owed the dues for the past year and it was going to be sent for collection. I could go on but will leave off with this warning. Be carefull, do not fall for the lies, and they are more than anything else "Rip Offs." mad.gif
I own a membership at Wagon Trails Resort. Actually I bought two memberships at Wagon Trails Resort. One for my family and later I bought another for my parents as a retirement gift. (P.S. They love this place !) I guess I must have gotten SCAMED twice. First off, the resort & amenities are far from being a run down hole in the ground. Indoor Pool, Fitness Center, Sauna all super nice & clean. Also not usaully found in your back yard unless you have big bucks. Arcade, Sand Beach & Volleyball, Mini Golf Course, 2 Playgrounds and much much more. Im not going to list everything, but I can surely attest that the facilites are nice and I use them almost every weekend April-October. I wonder if those of you who have posted have ever visited this place. Secondly, the accommodations are great as well. First and foremost are the campsites. They look ok, people say they have decent electricity, good water pressure and mostly comment on how much space there is compared to other campgrounds. I can only say what I have heard from other campers and my folks, because I dont do rv or tent camping anymore. It's not my cup of tea, I love the outdoors and camping, but prefer more modern ways of "roughing" it, but my parents own a motorhome and they use the campsites alot. The Cabins and Park Models (Refferred to as Mobile Homes) are great. Park Models are miniature upscal mobile homes. These are what I use when I visit and stay overnight. (I use the resort alot for day use and the amenities.) The park models are what you see when you visit to tour. They are private units, with full kitchens, two bedrooms, with living room and nice bath. These units sure beat the heck out of your average hotel room. They are newer, very clean have air conditioning and are all mostly located on the lake. Now in all fairness the Cabins are older and not as nice as the Park Models. They are also listed as "Rustic" Cabins. They also have all the perks listed above about the Park Models, however thay are older and have an eighties feel to them. I only use them when we have friends visiting with us because they are much larger than the Park Models. Although they show a little wear & tear they are very clean and you can rent them for like $35.00 a night. $17.50 a night if you stay for a full week. For that kind of price I can't and won't complain. I have spent hundreds on hotel rooms that were not half as nice as these so called "Rustic" Cabins. In short I love this place as far as the amenities and accommodations go. I also bought this because of its location. In the middle of nowhere is just where I want to be to get away from everything else. Also, it is a outdoor nature resort. Where do you think they build these, in the city next to the freeway on pavement with a view of the local homeless crowd. This resort was built where its at for a reason. 15 minitues from 3 of ohio's best recreational lakes, wine and covered bridge country, 2 water parks, canoe river, amish country, animal parks and by the way the county and surrounding towns are known for and survive on tourism, so someone is going there for some reason or another. All of the above is mostly opinion, meaning different strokes for different folks, its all about what you like I guess. But what really angers me is the scam talk I've read. Remember I bought 2 of these and both times I went through the same exact process including the tour because my folks went for the second one. Here witin lies the TRUTH of the matter. You didn't get scamed. You mave have made a bad personal decision, you may have not payed attention to what you were doing, you might have even had an over zelous sales person, but you did not, could not have been lied to. This is an ownership program, giving you ownership rights, which entails paperwork. Most importantly a peice of paper that is a disclosure form. It not only list numerically all the financial obligations, length of terms, and benefits, but it even in bold states that you should absolutely not sign anything unless you are sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and that you have not been told anything that does not appear in writing. I know, because I signed two of these and you even have to initial next to each item, confirming that you have read and agree to the terms, then you sign at the bottom. My paperwork tells me exactly what Im getting and exactly what my obligations are. Both my tour guides even read aloud each item to me before I initialed. Maybe, just maybe some of you should look in the mirror and take some personal responsibility and be accountable for you own decision, instead of blaming them on the resort. As far as the customer service goes, I have only had one problem in the 7 years I have been a member. Once, I showed up for a cabin rental and my reservation was no where to be found. I asked to speak with a magager and actually got one of the owners. There were no other cabins available, but they gave me my initial reservation stay for free and then gave me another stay for free also to make up for the trouble and thier mistake. That sounds like good cutomer service to me and also good business pratctices as well. Oh, and to top it all off, the comment about the Better Business Bureau Rating, is laughable at best. Try to go to the BBB and look them (the BBB) up on thier own website. They don't rate themselves. Why? Because if they did they would have to disclose that they are being sued constantly by businesses and with class action lawsuites. Primarily because if you are not a member you get a bad grade. The BBB is not a government agency and is probably one of the worst offenders of Non Protif Organizations makeing huge profits extorting businesses. Which is why less than 30% percent of all businesses nation wide belong to the BBB as members. I know because I work for a N.P.O. and you hear about the BBB all the time because they give us all a bad name. Anywho, this is just one guys opinion. In the end, do your homework, use the brain god gave you and most likely you will be just fine. I will continue to reccommend this resort to my family and friends. If you want, you can even email me. My email address is and my name is Justin. Atleast I have the dignity and the nerve to leave my name and contact info. tongue.gif
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