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Full Version: Dog Boarding When Sightseeing
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I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right.
We are planning on going to South Dakota & Wyoming for 2 weeks
and we are bringing our YorkiePoo with us. We are worried about leaving
her in the camper when we go sightseeing.
Has anyone ever dropped their dogs off at a doggie day care during the day
and then picked them up at night?
Cheryl Fuller
Pioneer, welcome to the forum. We have 2 maltese, and we leave them in the motorhome if we are going places they will not be allowed. We leave the air conditioner running, pull the shades down, and turn the tv on the weather channel. They are potty pad trained, so they have a bin that has pads in it and that is where they "do their business", so don't have to "hold it". They are very content to be where it is cool and have their beds, food & water and their toys. When we travel other than in the RV, they stay at Camp Bow Wow. Sometimes they go there just for Doggie Day Camp - I love it because they come home absolutely exhausted and sleep most of the evening and night. They have Camp Bow Wow's in quite a few states, not sure about the locations you are going to, but if you do a google, it should give you that info. I really like it because they have webcams so we can go online and check on them.
Hey, wanna' see pics???
Sadie in her Broncos cheerleading outfit...
IPB Image

IPB Image
Big Ben
We also leave our dog in the RV while we are gone. If it isn't to warm we take him with and he stays in the pick up.You may have trouble finding day care in the 2 states you mentioned.
We haven't run into this yet but yes I can see wanting to take a long day out and not have to worry about when you get back.

I know Petsmart runs some day camps. Would consider a pet sitting service if we had need or maybe teen in campground would want to walk her. Local vets will often know people, in fact many vet technicians walk, water, etc pets as a side job. If you know where you will be specifically I would call vets and also check out if Petsmart in the area in advance. Have fun.

Thanks everyone for all your advice. My husband says we could leave her in the
RV and that she would be fine. I just feel so guilty leaving her alone. Maybe
I worry too much. I'm just afraid that she will bark alot.

Cheryl, the pics of your dogs are beautiful!
Big Ben
I would doubt that there is a Petsmart in the whole state of Wyoming. Or doggie day care for that matter.
Cheryl Fuller
Pioneer, we pull the shades down so that they can't see outside, so they won't be barking at people, dogs, or anything else. The tv on the weather channel is so they hear voices and also to mask outside sounds. We have found this to be the best channel as the volume doesn't go up and down like it does on other stations, when changing shows.
I am new here and have been wondering about what to do with my dog also when we go on extended trips, for weekend get aways we take him with us and one of us stays behind on the
site to make sure he stays quiet if the rest of the family decides to go off to the pool or something.
We have never gone off and left him unattended at a campsite.

Extended stays like vacation present a problem, my dog is a golden retriever and leaving him unattended in a pop up is not a good idea, besides finding something to chew that he should not
one swipe of his paw and he would be right through the tenting or a good jump on the door
at 95 lbs he'd be out and off... so usualy for trips like this he stays at home with a doggy sitter, but
I would love to find doggy day care or the impossible a campground with a doggy day care kennel and be able to take him for longer trips. Any idea's or thought's appreciated.
This summer we will be in the Williamsburg VA area
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my puppy
We too have a golden who just happens to love her crate. We camp in a 5th wheel so we do not have the escaping as a problem. We take her everywhere. If we are going to be gone for a long period of time, we put her in the crate with the TV or radio on. If we are going to be gone for a short while, we leave her out of the crate with the blinds down so she does not see people. As long as she does not see anyone, she is fine. Best of luck. By the way, how old is your golden? Ours is 18 months.
Mine will be 2 in July, so he is still a puppy mentaly biggrin.gif he is my 2nd one so hopefully by the time he turns 3 he will grow up mentaly like my last one did.Having a dog that size you well know the size of the crate, (his cage is huge) with a 5th wheel you have the room to set it up and turn down the blinds and put the air on to buffer noise. Unfortunatly in a pop up I do not have the room to set up his crate, I can close the curtains but I do not have air yet. My pop up which I love is very space limited and there is not much I could move out unless I start tearing it apart and I think my spouse would not be too happy.

So I am at a loss with taking him this summer unless I can find doggy day care in the Williamsburg VA area. He loves to go camping on our weekend get aways and I know he would love to go on the vacation and I'd love to take him
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