After recently reading reviews for this campground it again makes me question the rating system. I know that everyone views a campground differently and likes different things but what makes a campground a 1 or a 10 makes me wonder.

Read Cold Spring reviews people either love the place or hate it and there seems to be no middle ground.

One review gives it a 1, tells how great the place is but had a problem with 1 staff member and thus lowers the rating.

A more recent review states that because there is music at the pool and in the bathrooms the place deserves a bad rating. Actually said that they could not go the bathroom because there was music playing, I actually enjoy music in the bathroom, it is kind of nice. As far as music at the pool, this happens 2 or 3 Sat afternoons a year and is very relaxing, the first time we camped here, they had pool side music and I was disappointed when I found out it was not every weekend. It is only load if you sit under the speakers, with the new pool last year there was a new speaker setup. They also talked about golf carts, drinking and smoking. There are golf carts and most people are good with them but a small few could ruin it for all. Drink might be going on but it is nothing like alot of other campgrounds that I have been to and smoking, I will agree is a bit of a problem, it has been banned at Bingo but wish if would be banned in more places.

I just had to get this off my chest as this is an nice clean friendly place that I love to go to and it just gets me upset with low rating for things that are not that bad.