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Full Version: So What Should I Charge For Storage/parking?
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We recently purchased a house that has an RV parking space over on one side of it just on the other side of the garage. We don't own an RV, so really have no use for it. A neighbor suggested (apparently seeing the person we bought the house from do it) that we lease out the spot for storage/parking on a monthly basis for a hair more income.

This would strictly be for non-occupied parking...we don't want anybody living on the side of our house or the like. I know RV owners in this area (Bend, Oregon) have troubles finding places to store their RV's when they aren't in use, as there was a whole news article about it not too long ago.

What's a fair rate for monthly parking rights w/out residential privileges? It's an affluent neighborhood without any crime to speak of - heck, the whole city is basically crime-free, so security isn't an issue.
A number of variables enter into the price to be paid. For an example; is the parking pad paved, is electric power provided, does the landscape provide shade for sun/weather protection, all of which are pluses. The bottom line is, what will the rving public, in your area, be willing to pay for this type of parking. We pay $ 324.00 for a six month period for dry inside dead winter storage. Units have to be licensed and insured, and once they are in the locked building, the unit is there until spring. You may want to talk to your attorney about this matter as to liabilities, and how the storage parking applies to you as far as legal requirements. One has to be careful to protect themselves and property these days. A contract should be provided for the use of your property as to purpose, fee paid per time used, and whatever other provisions required by yourselves. Give it a lot of thought as to how and what you might want or require. May not be as simple as just renting out the Rv spot. Just my thoughts on the subject.
I agree with Butch's comment about liability. We pay 70 a month for dry storage. Our storage facility has gated access, paved roads, lighting, and security cameras. They are not liable for any break in damage, weather damage, etc. They are liable for any damaged property because of their facility. You will need to check on your insurance to see what type of coverage you have and what type of coverage the renter has, otherwise, you might have to pay out of pocket for property damage.
Cheryl Fuller
We pay $50 a month but our rig is not inside. It does have security gates and fence and we have a code that allows us 24 hr. access. There are security camera everywhere, and we do have an electrical hook-up right in front of the coach. There is someone who lives in a house onsite. We have an ATV trailer that we also keep there. We first started keeping our RV there almost 3 yrs. ago, when we bought it, and he was not very full as he had only opened the month before, so said he would not charge us extra for the storage of our smaller trailer, but I assume that will change soon. He has around 700 spaces, and we only counted 4 empty ones when we were there this past weekend.
We store ours in a storage facility like Cheryl described. We pay around $58. This is the second trailer we have stored at this place. One other thing you might want to consider, do you want people coming on your property whenever they want.

Just a thought
QUOTE(Lamethrower @ Apr 25 2007, 02:43 AM) *

We recently purchased a house that has an RV parking space over on one side of it just on the other side of the garage. We don't own an RV, so really have no use for it.

I think you are asking the wrong question.

The better questions would be:

What type of RV should we get? Where should we go in it and what should we take with us?

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