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Full Version: Mountain Pie Recipes And/or Foil Wrapped Grill Recipes
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Does anyone have any good Mountain Pie and/or Foil Wrap recipes to share?

Our favorite mountain pie recipes are:

Reuben...use rye or pumpernickel or in my case wheat bread, drained sauerkraut, shaved deli corned beef and swiss cheese...butter your bread, layer in order and put in the coals. When done, cut in half and then dip into Thousand Island Dressing. (This is actually good for a dinner's that filling!)

Pizza...use white or wheat bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella or provolone cheese and your favorite toppings...sausage (cooked) and thinly sliced green peppers or ham and pineapple are our favorites...butter bread, spread one slice with sauce, then add toppings and then cheese and put in coals.

Hot Dogs or Kilbossa and kraut...use white bread...cut hot dogs and/or kilbossa into very thin pieces, place drained kraut on one slice of bread, top with hot dogs and/or kilbossa, top with other slice of bread and put in coals.

Pineapple...white bread and pineapple pie filling...butter bread, spread one slice with pie filling, top with other slice and put in coals.


I don't have any foil wrapped recipes I can do off the top of my head right now, but I'll add those later!
Go to the bottom of page 2 under general forums, it's called receipies for RV'ing. There are some great idea's there.
Thanks, thought one was started here before, but wasn't we have two!
I really liked your's and there can never be enough good recipes.

As always just my opinion,
Thank you, Rodman. smile.gif
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