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Full Version: Wheel Bearings
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I have a 1 1/2 year old 5th wheel and this is the first camper we have had that we take long trips in. We have put about 3,000 miles on it in the past year and are planning on going to Montana this summer ( about 4000 round trip ). How often should I have the brakes checked and the wheel bearings repacked? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since we are leaving in about 5 weeks.
I check my brakes every spring and repack bearings every spring weather they need it or not
John Blue

Heat and water will kill grease in your wheels bearings. Re-pack them each year with a good Hi-Temp grease (500 deg). Brake heat will damage the grease on long down hill runs. This is a low cost item. Have a great trip. tongue.gif

This information is only for trailers and non-engine RV equipment. Class A, B, and C units may have oil or grease systems on front and rear wheel bearing.
I possed the same question on the Trailer Life forum a month or more ago. A majority of the responses that I received indicated that there was no need to repack the bearings every year. One response noted that we don't repack our front bearings in our cars every year, and they get more use/abuse than trailer bearings should.

With my new rig (purchased last year) I already have about 3K miles on it. I'm planning on a 3K mile trip in July/August. While I might put a squirt or two in my bearing buddy, I'm not repacking the brakes. Maybe next year.

On the other hand, if I had a boat trailer, or had been forging streams with my trailer....then I would repack every year.
m/craft> Until I switched to a motor home, I RV'd in 5Ws for 6 years. My last 5W was a 37 footer. I had the wheel bearings repacked at 15 and 30K and it was a waste of money. They looked brand new each time.

At 1 1/2 years old, the trailer brakes should not be a concern. I'd be more concerned with the brakes on your tow vehicle.

I would be also be more concerned that the lug nuts on the trailer are properly tightened and the tire air pressure is correct for axle weight with the 5W loaded for the trip. Check those lug nuts by hand at each stop. Any one that is loose needs to be tightened immediately.

When in doubt follow the manufacturers instructions. With all due respect you can't possibly know it is a waste of money untill you check and then you are more than half done! Having seen many trailers on the freeway with a wheel and brake drum missing caused by failed bearings and myself never being one of them in 23 years I can't believe anyone would want to cheat here, after all it is your family.

A small grase gun and tube of grease is less than $20.00 and you can do any TT or FW with bearing buddies in less than 5 minutes. After 3 moths and 4600 miles, my new TT needed grease, the mfr. says 5,000 miles or once a year minimum. I use synthetic because of better heat resistance. They ar not the same as a car, truck, or motorhome which should be done with your brake jobs and probably are done without your knowing if you have a reputable and competent mechanic.

As for adjusting the brakes, again the mfr. has something to say. How are you going to know when they won't adjust anymore and need replacing because they are ready to fail?

As for me the peace of mind is part of what the camping experience is about. If you forget to winterize the unit you can replace plumbing, but it won't kill you.

Please save time and money where you get a second chance to refine your approach.
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