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Full Version: Happy Birthday, Cheryl Fuller
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I don't know how to add all the cute little pictures that you do when you wish someone else a happy birthday. But my wish is just as sincere. Hope you are having a great day and that someone is taking you out to eat tonight. Congrats on making the half century mark. May the next half be just as good or better. smile.gif
I second that. You truly are one of the bright spots of this site. Happy Birthday.
Cheryl Fuller
Aww thanks guys. Yes, it is the big 5-0. Friends took me out to lunch and shopping and hubby is taking me out tonight, along with our 2 sons, grandson and one of their girlfriends. One of the best presents ever, my niece gave birth this morniing, so I get to share my birthday with my new great niece, Jenna.
Big Ben
Happy Brithday Cheryl. 50, you are still a young lady. Wish you many more. Ben
John Blue
O' boy the big 50 is here. You have a lot of very good years in front of you so go camping with all the kids in tow! Happy Birthday!! wink.gif
Cheryl> In looking at your picture posted on the site, you are well preserved for 1/2 century old 'granny.' smile.gif Congratulations and wish you many more.
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks again everyone. It really was a perfect day. RLM, thank you kindly, but I will admit that picture is about 2 yrs. old. I don't think there is really any difference though, other than my hair is a whole lot longer. I have been fortunate because I always hear women talk about how certain birthdays bother them, such as the 30th, 40th or 50th. I haven't had a single one that bothered me yet, I figure that keeping on having them sure beats the alternative!!!
Happy belated birthday!!! I second RLM's comments!
Just want to wish you a Happy belated 29th anniversery of your 21st birthday.
Cheryl Fuller
Thanks again guys, you are all so sweet. Wait, does guys mind being called sweet??? Anyway, I really appreciate all your good wishes. Browzin, that does make me sound not quite so old, doesn't it? Oh well, only 5 more years and I will be able to get the senior citizen discount at Kohl's!!!
Well LEt's all meet at Cheryl's and PARTY!!! In the nice new kitchen I'll bring the Happy Belated Birthday Cheryl!!! You still look 18 to me......And yes everytime I'm called sweet I get sweetter....LOL biggrin.gif 6 days and counting!!!! I can't wait. Brian

Just a belated "Happy Birthday", hope you had a "gggrrrreat" day, and wish you the very best 50th year.
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