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Full Version: Very Dirty Bathrooms
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Hello Campers.

I have a class A and stayed at the Ramblin Rose RV Resort outside Crescent City CA. I wanted to use the showers as I am a big guy, and when I went in to the mens, someone had taken bad stuff an smeared it on the walls. Please excuse me but that what it was, and that was the nicest way I can explain what I saw.

I next found and told the owner of the park of the situation, and, she explained that a teenage boy living at the park on a permanent basis had most likely done this. He was very upset with others and was taking out his flustrations. I asked her to please clean it up, at 28.00 plus tax a night, I though a reasonable request. She said that she was not going to do it, and if "I didn't like it I could move along" !

Now I regress but I must say, when I came along one could always tell who the owner of a business was because they were the ones working the hardest and doing the bad jobs no one else wanted to do. Now it seems that things have changed to exactly the opposite, and as long as she did not get caught and the money kept coming all was well in her world!

I stayed at Ramblin Rose two years ago and two nice ladies ran it with joy and love for the visitors, great trees and nice spaces.

I want to know what you think, should I have handled it better? Should Woodall's revoke or reinspect the camp? Should Good Sam not smile upon the Ramblin Rose? Are these association just a sham that are guided by advertizing dollars?

What do you do when the owners of these properties only care about the dollars, and care less about the visitors?

I grew up in the south and we were told to always give our guest the best we had to offer, I can't help but think she was not thinking when she made this statement.

Best Wishes,
John Blue

Do you plan to write this site up as soon as board is open? All RV people need this type of information so we can drive on to the next place. It will not take long for the word to get around about poor service at this park. You would think that park owners would not act this way. I would leave and never return to that park.
Don't hold your breath for Trailer Life or Woodalls to change the rating of this park. As long as the advertising dollars continue to come in, these jerks will give it good ratings. Only this site tells it like it is.
I know this item was posted a long time ago, but I just signed up and am playing catchup. IF everyone who went to a particular park - Good Sam, KOA, etc and had a bad experience such as this - complained and those repective organizations got enough complaints, something would be done about it. It may take time, but one or two complaints are not going to move anyone. It takes lots - so if you find an objectionable campground - complain loudly to the organizations, if complaining to the office staff/ owners doesn't work. We complained about a KOA one time - others must have as well. That campground is not longer a KOA. Haven't been that direction for a while so it may not even BE a campground any longer. Campground owners should be proud of what they have and even though they don't want to -clean up such messes when informed. It is unsanitary and probably against a lot of health codes to leave the restroom in such a situation. Thanks for listening. smile.gif
Same way with Lake Myers in Mocksville, NC. Seems a dollar means more than a satisfied customer. Aren't campers the people that made these a 4 or 5 star campground? I was wondering too, how Woodall's and the other Campground Associations can continue with their fine rating.

Bud Wiser
His post was on the 19th of October. I checked RV Park Reviews and he hasn't posted anything on this park. I wonder why?
Just joined and I'm just catching up on the posts. Wish I had read the Ramblin' Rose post last spring...stayed ther for six weeks last May and June. No one seemed to be in charge and everyone seemed to be in charge. Things were very unclean and messy near the end of my stay. The grounds were not maintained,which brings me to my major complaint. When they did finally do some ground maintenance the driver of the tractor mower ran into my TT. Just minor damage but need of repair. They assured me that they would take responsibilty ,just have it repaired and send them the bill.

I have submitted a bill three times and never received a response. Three times I have telephoned them ,each time was told the person I was communicating with is no longer there

My vote would be three thumbs down but I only have two. sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
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