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In a couple of weeks, I am headed to upper midwest (IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH) for a 3 month trip. If anyone lives in or frequently visits those states, I'd appreciate any suggestions on a variety of places to visit and see. We don't have any particular schedule.
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In a couple of weeks, I am headed to upper midwest (IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH) for a 3 month trip. If anyone lives in or frequently visits those states, I'd appreciate any suggestions on a variety of places to visit and see. We don't have any particular schedule.

In northeastern Iowa I would recommend the Bily Clock Museum/Dvorak Exhibit in Spillville. Two brothers had carved some beautiful grandfather clocks with some very intricate and detailed scenes. Even though I am from Iowa originally, I did not know about this museum until we stopped at the Visitors Center on a trip back to the Midwest. Also in Dyersville is the Field of Dreams if you are into baseball at all. Decorah is a nice Norweigian town.

If you are in Kansas City, MO, the Arabia Steamboat Museum is very interesting, The boat was buried in mud and a family spent years bringing the boat to the surface. The museum displays hundreds of things that were found on the boat and preserved because of the mud.

Just a couple of ideas that aren't necessarily on the beaten path of tourist attractions.
John S.
I second the Spillville and the clocks and would also look at the Amana Colonies and take the Woodworkers shop tour. I would also sy if you can get to the NW part of IA you may want to stop at Lake okaboji too.
In Michigan there's several must see's for you:

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

Mackinac Island & Bridge (Mackinac Bridge is 50 years old this year!)

The Soo Locks in Saulte Ste. Marie (a boat tour of the locks is awesome!!!)
If you like trains and ships a stop in Duluth MN is a must. I won't get into details but I will show some links. - link in this site to estimated arrival and departure time of the ships. - Lots of stuff shown here. - Train Museum, I enjoyed this looking and going into the trains. - I enjoyed the tour of the Duluth harbor. There is also a couple ships docked here that you can take a tour on. There is plenty of pay parking right by there too.

Minnesota also has the Mall Of America but I would call it a must unless you like shopping. If you go here with your RV park it on the north side of the mall in the big lot where Ikea sits. Other nice citys include Stillwater MN and Red Wing MN.

In Iowa I liked the city Dyersville. - I enjoyed looking at a bunch of old farm toys and then some. - Speaks for itself. It was fun just to be there.

Clear lake Iowa has The Surfball Room which would make a nice stop. - I have seen a couple shows here and it was fun. They have lots of pictures on the walls of people that have been there to perform on stage. - Tells about the history of The Surfball Room and of coarse the crash site of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & "Big Bopper"

There is also the duck boats in The Wisconsin Dells too. There are two different ones being operated which different tours of the river for each, but both to start on land and have launches in and out of the river.

By the way I live the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I havn't seen the Mackinac Bridge but I would like to someday and when I do I would also like to take a ride across Lake Michigan on
Thanks for all of the excellent info. I really appreciate the websites, too.
Being from MN I second many of the suggestions of the other MN resident. MN is is know for its lakes and fishing, so if you are in to fishing, check one of larger lakes such as Mille Lacs Lake (about 1 hr or so north of the Twin Cities), Upper Red Lake-- has super fishing and the Big Bog State Park which is on the Tamarack River, and has a great walkway about 5 miles north of the campground (It is awesome). The drive along the North Shore of Lake Superior is very scenic with lots of place to camp and some outstanding scenery. Duluth is a must see for sure. The Great Lake Aquarium is very interesting. Drive south along the Mississippi River thru Min, Iowa and Missouri--some great small towns, fantastic views, and wonderful State Parks. The Apostle Island in Wi are another must see, and of couse the UP of Michigan and the Sand Dunes along Lake Superior. There is so much to see I feel sure you will be back 'cause you cannot see it all in one trip!
Wright Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton is the largest aviation museum in the world. AND IT IS FREE! Highly Recommend.

Cedar Point, Sandusky is an outstand amusement park with many rides, etc. Big Senior Citizen Discount.

Put in Bay and Perry's Monument is another Ohio site that is very nice.

Rock and Roll Museum, Cleveland is also very good.

Toledo Zoo and Toledo Art Museum. (Use Maumee Bay State Park for Camping)

Spiegel Grove, Fremont is the home of Rutherford B. Hayes. and Warren Harding home is in Marion. Both worth your time.

And I forgot the Amish in Holmes County and Football Hall of Fame in Canton!!!!

Longeberger Baskets is also in this general area.
Hi & Welcome to Illinois

Here's website that may help some

While in Illinois I would reccomend Visiting the Shawnnee National Forrest in Southern IL

Rend Lake Resorts has 5 beuatiful Campgrounds and a 10000 acre lake ( If you stop try South Marcum Campground.

Arcola IL is home to Amish There are local shops and stores in the area most are closed on Sundays Rock home Gardens is here.

Champaign Urbana is home The University of Illinios

Springfield, Il is home Abbraham Lincoln & is our State Capital Here's some more info.

Rantoul,IL is home to the Chanute Air Museum Has history of Chanute Airforce base and the the Town's History. There is a city campground close by.

Chicago is home of The Cubs and the White Sox and alos Navy Pier Sears Tower (which you can go up to the opservation deck and see the Sights over 110 stories) There also is Brookfield Zoo I would reccomend staying close to the outskirts and catching atrain ride into the city and catching a taxi to navy pier.

Indianapolis, IN which is home to the Indy 500 Which has a museum and you can take a ride around the track.Also There's A Childrens Zoo

Missouri has Branson MO Home to County Music, Alot of caverens St Louis is Home to the Cardinal's The Acrh (you can rede ti the top of it) A really nice Zoo And also they have a casino near by. Also you'll see the great Mississppi River. And there are the locks and dams near buy neat to see when a ship goes thru.

You may try googlimg for the state's websites and find more information on what all there's to do.

Also in Canton Ohio I believe there's the National Football Hall Of Fame. Wright-Pat air museum can take a day or two to look at everyting but is well worth looking at if you have time.

If you hit Rantoul, Il Let me know and I'll come out and say Hi Happy Trails & Have a safe trip
All> Awesome! So much good info that I spent a couple hours mapping these sites and suggestions out so that we could make the most of it.

Presently in MN north of Minneapolis. Stopped at the Mall. After buying some Build-A-Bears for grandkids and other assorted stuff, we have no more money to continue the trip. smile.gif

After a few days along the Lake Superior shore line area we'll head into WI. Wasn't going to stop in Deluth, but after the suggestions, we have changed our minds. We did the Field of Dreams in Dyersville. What a gorgeous part of the state!

We have previously visited the Wright-Pat aviation museum. An all day event that we enjoyed. Glad they had lotsa parking for the RV so that we could use it for a couple breaks in the day.

Meterman- Don't know where Rantoul is? Anywhere near Galena, which we plan to visit?
RLM Rantoul os located at the 250 Mile marker on Interstate 57 about 3 hours south of Chicago, or about 20 miles north of Interstate 74 & Interstate 57 interchange. Hope this helps some. Brian
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