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Full Version: Toad Effects On Mh Gas Mileage
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We have been wondering what kind of gas mileage hit others are seeing when they tow behind their motorhome.

I would be especially interested in comparing mpg figures with toad and without toad, as well as knowing the specs on the motorhome and the toad in question.

We have a 1985 33' Southwind with a 454 on a P30 chassis and typically average 6.5 mpg without towing. Before purchasing a tow system, I am trying to anticipate what kind of mileage we can expect if towing a 4000lb vehicle on our next long trip.

Thanks in advance for your input on this.
John Blue

All weight will drop fuel mileage down some. We never travel with out the tow. Our mileage runs around 8.5 to 10 MPG (diesel) and one time we picked up 11.6 running east out of CO. like a down hill run. Remember diesels burn no fuel on down hill runs if RPM's are over 650. Mountains over 12,000 feet will also eat up some fuel. This is due to loss of air pressure over 1000 feet. Diesels do not have this problem only gas engines.

I do not think you will see a big change in fuel mileage with tow. Take the tow and go! tongue.gif
We have a 40 foot motorhome with a 330 diesel engine. When towing our 2005 Honda CRV with the air conditioning on, we get between 9 and 10 miles per gallon. When not towing the CRV, we still get between 9 and 10 miles per gallon. There may be a slight loss of mileage with the tow car, but very little. I agree with John Blue. Take your tow car with you. Any additional fuel is minimal, and not worth leaving the toad at home. This data, of course, is for a diesel--there are a number of factors at work that will change what fuel mileage you will get when towing or not towing with a gasoline engine.
That's ecouraging news, so far. smile.gif

I was hoping that mileage loss would be minimal -- figuring that most of the gas is used simply because the engine is so hungry and we're already pushing a wall of air in front the coach.
We have a Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 37 feet, on a workhorse chassis with the 8.1 liter v-8 and the Allison transmission. Our mileage is between 7.5 to 8.5 depending on the lay of the land, and traveling speed. We have not noticed any great difference in the mileage as it relates to towing or not. We use a tow-dolly. As the Rv has low mileage on it, 12,000 miles, have been told that the mpg will get a little better with more driven miles. Haven't seen any increase as of yet.
Just returned from 30 days on the road. Our HR Rambler (6.8L v-10) pulling a 1994 Ford Ranger, 4 down averaged 7.75mpg for the trip. Normally (not towing) in the 9mpg range. Lot's of elavation change on our trip, anywhere from sea level up to the 10,000 ft range. I was pleased with this mileage. Not so pleased with the price of fuel. LOL
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