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Full Version: Is This Site Closing Down???
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Those of us who depend on this site as the only unbiased, honest location rating for campgrounds are concerned. The downtime of this site in the past month has been extraordinary. Is the site going to close down? PLEASE DO NOT. I am sure that there are many people, like me, who would be willing to become paying members of this site if it would keep it up. Please let us know.
John Blue

We all need a day off at times. The site input page will be back up soon. Think about it, summer is coming soon and a lot of new input will be coming in from RV people. More input is good right!

Thanks for your comments. More input is good and I am constantly amazed at how many RV'ers are not aware of this site. I mention it to everybody I run into and would like to see this site become THE location that all RV'ers go to before planning a trip!

I have not had a chance to really dig into this site.... just read about it from another group. But I really hope it doesn't close down. Looks like a great forum!
Motorhome Madness
Hello all,
Don't worry, the site is not closing down! We (the staff) are all camper's and RV'ers also. When the review form is offline it just means that we are off camping somewhere and do not have the time (and sometimes no computer connection) to keep up with the reviews that are being submitted, so we take the form offline until we return to the office. wink.gif
Webmaster - RV Park Reviews
I found this site completely by accident. I think it is terrific. It is so hard to decide on a campground when you are hundreds of miles away. Reading reviews by "real" unpaid people is a big help.
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