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Full Version: Out West Trip
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We are about to embark on our first journey for an extended amount of time. We are leaving Friday for Montana from Atlanta. This is our first trip in which we will be gone for more than 10 days. Any last second words of wisdom?
Big Ben
Relax and enjoy.
John S.
Make sure your rig is up to snuff. I just drove through SD and MT to get to Spokane and the CoeurdAlene area. It was 06 to 108 in Rapid City SD and there were a lot of broken down rigs on the road. Mostly Pickups hauling trailers or gas motorhomes. I know I dropped down to 65 MPH to keep the temps inline and not elevated. Of course you have altitude and heat and grades all at once. Not a problem but something to watch. I found that I stay on east coast time and get up and drive early while it was cool and stopped in the hottest part of the day and that worked pretty well for us. Got cross country in 4 days.
master> According to Yahoo maps, it's 1800 way.... to the middle of MT. If you are only going to be out 10 days, you won't do anything but drive to and from. A couple years ago when I lived in the Atlanta area, we did a trip to MT, WY, and SD. It took us four weeks to see and enjoy all of the things available in that area.

But to answer your question:

1- The Arch in St Louis
2- Field on Dreams in Davenport area
3- Mt Rushmore and Crazyhorse in SD
4- Grand Tetons in WY
5- Little Big Horn in SD

The list is endless. Take the camera. Lotsa Kodak moments in that area.
Safe travels, take time to enjoy the points of interest, of this great country, along the way. Good luck.
Bud in Florida
Don't miss Mt Rushmore. It was truly inspiring. Moran Junction is a good place to camp to see Yellowstone and the Tetons
We just returned from our 4 week trip out west to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, the Black Hills, and Badlands. I would like to thank all that contributed with information on parks, sites, travel, etc. We had a great family vacation and we look forward to planning another trip using this site. This website really helped us out with deciding on campgrounds and rv parks. Again, thanks to all.
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