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Hello fellow campers!! I'm not a newbie to camping but I am to this forum. From what I read you have to post five reviews before they are summitted for reasons I agree with. My first review I just summited on 7-3 and my question is after I filled out the campground Info and put my comments in, when I hit "next" I think my screen went back to the first step on posting a review. Am I supposed to get a conformation # or somthing?
How do I now that the web site has my review saved?

Second question were going on a three state trip this month and were visiting four campgrounds if I don't decide to do a review on all four campgrounds that were visiting. can I post a review on a campground that we visited last October. (what's the latest you can post a review?)

Thanks for opening the door for me and I look forward to writing more posts in the future! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Mike & Family
You only have to post 3 reviews not 5. I believe you can post a review on campgrounds you visited in the past, just as long as you have all of the needed info (price, number of sites, etc.)
After you finished your review, you should have received a "Thank You" screen. If you didn't, you may want to try posting it again. If it did go through, you will get a message saying you can only post one review per campground in a one month (I think) time period.
QUOTE(mdcamping @ Jul 5 2007, 02:51 PM) *

Can I post a review on a campground that we visited last October. (what's the latest you can post a review?)

Hi Mike and welcome to the forum.

Last summer, we took off on a 30 day cross-country excursion. I didn't discover this forum until a couple of months ago and have been able to successfully post reviews on the campgrounds and RV parks we stayed at from last Summer -- I had kept accurate records of the dates visited, how much we paid, etc. Although these reviews are older, I believe they help establish a trend for places that are more heavily reviewed and fill in holes for the places that haven't had much coverage.

Best regards,

- Kevin
Bud in Florida
I am sure most forum reader would appreciate any review so long as you clearly state when you were there. Welcome
I submitted a review on a campground in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire. The listing for Twin Mountain, NH states the latest review is for the same campground I submitted a review on, However, the campground in question shows the last review to be in 2003. Whereas other Twin Mountain, NH campgrounds show reviews in Jun 2007. What gives? Where did my review go. I have submitted the required number. In fact, I have had 4 of them accepted. I'm missing 2 reviews. The 1 for NH and 1 for Wright-Patt AFB in Fairborn, OH. Somehow, this service needs to provide positive or negative feedback when a review is submitted.
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