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Haven't been camping at a race event since the last F1 event at Watkins Glen in 1981.

Have any of you been to Laguna Seca? I'm toying around with going up for the American Le Mans Series race in October.

Does anyone have any stories to tell about races in general, what to look for or avoid?



Sorry to say that we can not answer your inquiry. We were great fans, and participants of drag racing years ago, but when the big corporations got involved, with sponsorships/money, we got away from it. Personally, as I see it, when big money gets involved in any sport, it is no longer a sport, and has become BIG business. SAD ! I'm not so naive to not realize how expensive these vehicles are as to cost, but it does limit the everyday working stiff from being competitive at most levels of competition. Even being a fan of todays racing, whatever the venue, costs big dollars to attend. They have lost my interest as we can not afford to be an attending fan.
I pretty much have the same type of views as Butch does about big corporations taking over the sport.

I used to be a huge Nascar Fan and went to both races at the Poconos each year as well as at least one of the Dover races and would try and get to either Bristol or Martinsville, then when Nextel took over and their attempt at "westernizing" NASCAR by eliminating races that were a staple in NASCAR in order to add races that were in the western part of the country totally pissed me off...fine if they want to add races from that area then add them, but don't take away races that were icons in NASCAR for years.

And, the television coverage is ridiculous....who knows what network is televising the polls, the practices and the races...too many different stations....don't know why they can't get just one station to handle an entire season....that's another reason why I stopped watching the races...had no idea who was covering them.

As for the camping aspect of want to have fun you've got to camp at Poconos once...we always did it in a tent and we always came home covered in mud....I don't think there was ever a time over about the 10 years we went there that it didn't rain, we didn't get stuck and we didn't have a blast. wink.gif
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