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Full Version: Reese Cam Sway Control
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Does any body have the Reese Duel Cam Sway control on there TT ? I am thinking of getting this set up for my 30' TT. I have read some good reviews but I would like to here it from you and tell me what you have heard or think of this set up if you have it!!! Is it worth getting? Is it any better than the friction control setup? I have quite the sway when towing on the highway speeds 55 or better.
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Cougar, I have a 30 Foot TT as well and I only have the friction control as well, but before I got it I had a good chat with a fella at a Hitch shop. He was one of the guys who does the installs and he was probably around 50- 55. His first question was, why did I want a sway control? He said, if the trailer is set up rpoperly for towing, tires, weight, weight distribution hitch, axle is OK, you should not need a sway control. But my problem is when tractor trailers go by me, i start to sway a lot. SO I told him why I wanted one. He then said, just make sure you are not using it to mask a bigger problem that I may not be aware of. So far what I use is good, which is a Curt. But when going on a long trip I am very careful of what is in the trailer and where.

The other problem that I see today, is a lot of RV's are made to be lighter and they will sway more. When loaded my Rockwood will be about 6000 lbs. Not a lot when the trailer is 30 feet long. So I make sure i half fill my water tank to give me a little more weight down low on the trailer.
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Cougar, we have a 34' travel trailer that weighs 11,500 fully loaded. We tow with a GMC 6.6L Duramax Diesel, Allison Transmission and we use a Reese Dual Cam Sway Hitch. What a difference in towing. We hardly know the trailer is behind us and rarely do we feel any sway unless we are caught in a cross wind which results in very little sway even then. We paid close to $1,000 for our set-up and it was worth every penny and of course, peace of mind. If your tow vehicle and trailer are set up correctly and you are not maxed out on your weight (or towing heavy) you should be just fine with the reese d/c sway hitch. I don't believe anything will help if you're over your weight limit or have an insufficient tow vehicle. Good Luck! tongue.gif
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