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We have depended on CG park cable for our tv. A friend upgraded his satelite system and gave us his old dome. DISH. We haven't installed it yet, are just beginning to explore whether or not we even want it. I'm concerned about what happens to reception in bad weather. How does the network "thing" work. We split our time between R'Villa and our land home. How would we move the plan back and forth. You can tell that we are at a very beginning level of learning about this. Would LOVE to learn from the experiences of all of you. Thanks for sharing[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]
Sorry, I put this on the wrong forum. Won't happen again.
John Blue

We have Direc TV at home with our dish out in yard. At time we travel we move the box and remote into motorhome and take off. We have a dish on the ground that we can move around to get a clear shot at the bird. Ones on roof are good but if you have trees, no TV. The State and Nat. parks have a lot of trees. Someplaces we have been it was hard to see the sun so we read a good book. About 98% of the time I can lock on with ground dish. You can use roof or dish on ground, move lead in wire around. People at Dir-TV can not tell what part of the USA or Canada you are in. We have used this system for years now.
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