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Full Version: Can't find Florida
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I can't seem to get on the rv park review for the Florida sites. I'll click on one of the LATEST REVIEWS, get to the site, and then get a pop-up saying the information is in error. As soon as I click on cancel, the entire review disappears and I end up with the Microsoft home page. Seems odd, cuz I can get any other state I try. Haven't gone after all of them, but any state I've clicked on so far comes through OK.

Any ideas or suggestions out there?
John Blue

I checked one FL site under newest reviews, worked Ok. I went to state, pulled up FL and had no problems on any city or town. PC are no fun at times.
Motorhome Madness
Your browser is probably caching the pages. In Internet Explorer go to "Tools" then "Internet Options" then under Temporary Internet Files click on the "Settings" button and check "Every visit to the page" you can also click on the "Delete Files" and the "Clear History" buttons to empty the cache. Everything should work fine on the site then. A lot of browsers remember old pages and this is not good for sites that are constantly changing as ours is. rolleyes.gif
John Blue

One more way to do this is under "settings" check "automatically". This will also clean up old files each time new ones come in.
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