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Full Version: Zion National Park
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We're headed up to the Zion National Park area soon and will be staying outside the south end of the park at Zion River Resort.

We'll be heading into the NP for a daytrip only and would prefer to take the MH into Zion and park close to Zion Canyon Drive where we'll hop on one of the shuttles up the canyon. My question is how is RV parking in Zion? I understand the parking fills up mid-morning, so we'll plan on getting in early -- does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of this from either a visit this Summer or perhaps one from an August past?

Our other option is to take a shuttle from the resort itself and then enter the park as pedestrians, however, we'd much rather take the MH in if it's at all practical.

Any info on this and other general Zion tips and first-hand observations would be appreciated!

Thanks much!

- Kevin
John Blue

I would take a tow if you pull one. If not, use the shuttle service or stay in the Zion RV park. I do not remember a parking lot for large RV units and I see you are class A at 33'. This could be a problem. Very nice Nat. Park to tour.
Most of the park is *only* accessable by the park's own shuttle system. If my memory serves me, parking is at the Visitor's Center. You might look into the park's campgrounds. Most likely they are sold out at this point, but they have some great water/electric only sites near the park entrance.

I love Zion. You'll have a great time.
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