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Full Version: Legal Challenges
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Has this site ever had a campground owner challenge an entry regarding their campground? What is the policy of this website regarding the specific privacy of the people that post reviews? If challenged, does this site have specific information to determine who a review provider is such as IP address, etc.?

I would hope that this site has some sort of privacy policy regarding contributors. One of the great advantanges of this site is that contributors are brutally honest, and it helps the rest of us. If contributors thought they would be victims of some suithappy lawyer or campground owner, it would have a chilling effect.
I don't see how there could be a legal challenge. These posts are opinions. What is a bad campground to one person, may be a favorite of another. We all look for different things in a campground. It's part of our Freedom of Speech. As long as nobody is being threatened, I don't see a problem. I find these reviews very helpful, but I do keep in mind that some people may have just had a bad experience at a generally good campground or that what I'm looking for may not be what they are looking for. wink.gif
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You may be right but I would still like to know the website's policy. Suit happy lawyers never let a small thing like Freedom of Speech stand in their way because they know that 90% of all lawsuits are settled out of court.
John Blue
I post my opinions here also. Most parks are good or have little things that need more work. If we find a park that is BAD we write it up as BAD. I think most owners that have poor parks know they have a poor place or service problem. I would not spent my time thinking about this lawyer thing, to much to see and do in the USA. Anyone can read this board. I see comments from park owners on other RV sites. If you are not happy over poor reviews then change your ways or fix the problem. I have the say so and money to spent on what park I wish to use. It is the American way! Poor business people do not last long. We all need this information to pick nice parks to visit. Keep up the good work on this site.
Motorhome Madness
Hello all!
Do not worry as no information is or will ever be given out to anyone. We do log IP addresses as the reviews come in to help filter out campground owners and these are deleted over time. Yes, our website has been challenged by a few disgruntled campground owners, and attorneys have contacted us with scare tactics. As one person put it, in the USA it is "Freedom of Speech". We will not post the last name of any campground owner that is included in a review whether it is a good review or a bad review. Other websites with similar content have been challenged in courts across the nation and to our knowledge not a single website has lost a case so the campground owners would just be wasting their money, money that would be better spent improving their ratings. We receive far more positive comments from campground owners than those threats from disgruntled campground owners, and of course the threats only come from an owner that has had a bad review(s). mad.gif
Webmaster - RV Park Reviews
QUOTE(partyof5 @ Mar 2 2004, 07:07 AM)
What is a bad campground to one person, may be a favorite of another.  We all look for different things in a campground.

I agree with your statement. When I was looking through the reviews, for example, there is a particular campground review that had several thumbs up ratings and a few thumbs down ratings and the thumbs down opinions were because of policies regarding pets...well, if you don't have any pets then that would not be a problem...but, nonetheless, those thumbs down reviews do help give information that is helpful to those owning pets. However, I don't believe those who give their opinions on the campground just based on that one issue should post something like..."this place is horrible"...when they're only basing their opinion just on the pet policy. The same goes for those, and I've seen quite a few posts here, who seem to have a problem with seasonal campers and the condition of their site/trailer....saying they're beautiful or they're trashy...does that really make a difference? It's the people who make the difference...I've met seasonals who have beautiful sites and they're the rudest people I've ever met...then I've met those whose sites aren't the most attractive, but they're the nicest people you ever want to meet. I don't see anything wrong with camping among seasonals...I don't hold anything against them for wanting to stay in one place as I hope they don't hold anything against me for wanting to go and sample lots of places. So, when I see posts, that say seasonal sites are "beautiful" or seasonal sites are "trashy", I usually overlook those unless they have something specific to say about the people who are camped at those spots. smile.gif
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