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Is there a site where campers rate the rv's they have owned? I am currectly in a Winnebago Adventurer and would like to get a new one. I would like to see which brand has the fewest problems. Or do they all have them? Or maybe, how well does the company stand behind their product? I have had many problems with my rig, but is it Winnebago or do they all have as many problems?
John Blue
Look at this web page in RV Net Open Roads Forum. One person named Badeye in GA has been running this link a long time now over problems. It will take some time to read all the reports. I think you will find Winnebago on the list.

Bud in Florida
I looked for a long time before finally buying a used 2000 Allegro Bay by Tiffen. Everyone I talked to, no matter what they sold new, said if I could get a nice Tiffen product, go for it because they have great customer service. I found a great unit and Tiffen has been most helpful-- have treated me like I bought a new unit. Answered all my questions and even said bring the unit to the factory for a free inspection. Have had no problems in the first 3,000 miles. Heard good things about how Winnebagos are built
As part of your research I suggest that you visit this site and consider buying their rating manuals. Though expensive, they bring up some things that you might not otherwise consider.

We used it when doing our year-long research and have not been disappointed.

I would also look for rallies near you and visit one to just go chat with owners. We found that to be an excellent source of getting real info ("Why did you buy this? Are you happy with it? What other rigs did you consider? Would you buy this unit again?")

I think the biggest thing is to not just jump at some "good deal" that you see. Be prepared with particular units you will consider, etc. BEFORE you start looking in the dealerships, the 'net ads, etc.
Good luck with your search!
The Green Book - RVs Rated is a RV Consumer Group paperback publication. Copywrited 2003 so you're not going to get the latest info, but suspect that it'll help with rigs made by different manufacturers. Can be had on book site for less than $15.
Scottish Terrier
I don't know what part of the country you're from but......I own a Holiday Rambler (made by Monaco Coach Corp) and this is our 3rd Holiday. I highly recommend their units, be it TT, MH or FW. Although I really like their RV's I would NOT RECOMMEND my dealership! Endless Summer RV's in Frederick, Maryland, STEER CLEAR, FAIR WARNING! They do not stand behind the companies warranties. You will pull your hair out dealing with the warranty clerk as well as the dealerships owner. I've had to go through Monaco directly to get any warranty work done or a re-imbursement for work authorized by Monaco. I have given up trying to deal with the dealership. Monaco Coach Corp itself stands behing their product and we've had absolutely no difficulty with them. sad.gif
Rating Rvs is going to be something like rating, reviewing, campgrounds/Rv parks. Opinions will run the full gamut from good to bad. I for one had a real problem with our Holiday Rambler motorhome, as a problem windshield water leak. I will not go into the particulars here, but a thread on this subject exists under "windshield water leak". The outcome was favorable to us, BUT why should one have to go to this extent.
Our Winnebago is our second one, the first one had little or no problems, this one is in for the fourth time for the same problem with the brakes. It seems like they just can'r fix it. It's the brakes for cryin' out loud, that's not something we want to risk. The problem started while it was still under warranty, it was repaired, then our next trip was two months later, just past the warranty expiration, when we got to NC, we found we still had the problem. Got it fixed again, got home, still leaking, had it repaired again, never got to leave for the next trip, cause it is still leaking, so now it is at the shop AGAIN. My bet it in a month or two it will still be leaking. Every one that has worked on it up and down the coast has diagnosed it differently. The one guy that worked on it as an independant says it is a machined part and that the problem started at the factory. He thinks it will be a very costly repair (parts alone are near $1,500.00) Right now it is at the dealership where we bought it hoping they can get it fixed because it all started BEFORE the warranty expired. While we were shopping around, we also found out we owe nearly $25,000.00 more than the rig is worth....huh? Not sre where to go with that info, the dealer said, well, it's like buying a house, it's a regular mortgage...he forgot to mention that most homes increase in value... Now I just feel stuck with it.
The best approach I found to researching RVs was to visit the User Groups of the various manufacturers. Some of the groups are nothing but gripefests about problems with the rigs and the poor warranty support. When you find a User Group where most of the talk is about trips made, things seen, and friendships created, you've found a good RV to consider.
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