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Full Version: Refund On Cancellation, Westport Beach Rv, Calif
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Westport beach RV-worst customer service ever! I saw another post on here with someone who had the same problem I did at Westport Beach Rv in Ca. I went to cancel my reservation 20 minutes after making it and they wouldn't answer the phone for a week. I left messages saying we would not be coming and called everyday leaving the same message. When I finally spoke to the lady working there, it was a week before our reservation. She was very rude and said, too bad WE changed our mind but they charge us the full price, $235.00 for 4 days which is ridicules, and too bad for us we didn't read the web site and were not getting the money back. I read the web site, no where on there was there a no refund policy.Its a great location for a campground, but after our experience and there rudeness, I will never go back. sad.gif
And so, (of course) you then called your friendly VISA, Mastercard, Discover, etc. company and stopped the charges... Right??

You as a consumer have the power to stop a transaction being charged to your account if there is no refund policy in place. When Westport Beach RV calls to argue with you (which I doubt they would if you didn't stay there) ask them to point you to their refund policy in WRITING on their website.

Good Luck! wink.gif
Why yes, we are waiting for the response!:)
They wouldn't answer their phone for a week? And I'm tall, thin, good looking, and rich. rolleyes.gif
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