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Ok, all you really smart technology people. Around 6 pm this evening I tried to access the Forums on this web site and got a message that Internet Explorer had detected an error and needed to shut down. Fine, that has happened before. But when I tried to go the the Forums a second time the same thing happened. I can get to the web site's home page, but anything I click on after that causes an error. I have turned the computer completely off and rebooted and that didn't make a difference. After this I used another computer (still using Internet Explorer) and I could get to the Forums. Finally I switched to the Netscape browser on my computer and again it worked fine. But as of now I still can't get my IE browser to work with this web site.. I can access other web sites just fine. Any ideas what caused this and more importantly how to fix it? Pleas help. I can't live without my daily fix of forum news.
My guess is that there is a conflict between IE and something on the forums web page. You can try reloading your browser or upgrading to IE 7.
Computers! You gotta love 'um. Otherwise I'd drop mine into the lake just to see if it could swim. After my initial post on this I updated my virus protection program (I do this frequently anyway) and then I ran a full system scan. Nothing was found so I turned the computer off and let it sit overnight. When I started it up this morning it was feeling much better because it let me go to the Forums with no problem. One funny thing, though, was that there were about a dozen emails back in my inbox that I had already deleted. Strange, but at least it all seems to be working again. Thanks, iam_Cathy for your suggestion. I will keep it in mind if this happens again.

Guess maybe it, the computer, needed a break. I know just enough about my computer to be dangerous. To myself that is !! About the time I think I have something thought through, and understand what I don't know about it, it goes haywire and I'm back to square one. That's one reason I have a twelve year old unit, uumm, maybe that's my problem. Gooood Grief !!!
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