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Full Version: Bathtub Problems
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I'm new and need some input from fellow campers. Our bathtub has cracked around the drain and in the corners under the faucet. We have had the camper for 4 years and have taken great care of it, so we were surprised that this happened. Has this happened to anyone else? What would be the best way to fix it? Thanks
I don't know why it cracked, unless something was dropped on it. I would get it fixed.


As per your description of the problem. my guess would be that there is either a downward or an upward pressure being applied to the drain plumbing. This stress has caused the cracking to occur. The tub assembly, more than likely, will have to be replaced, but first the cause will have to be found and corrected before another assembly is installed, or you will have the same problem again.
We had a similiar problem with an older (86) Mallard coach. I done some research and this is the way I fixed it, and at very little expense.
Obtain some Goop that is available in a tube. I think I used a total of 3 tubes about $15.00 Clean the tube very well, and you might etch the surface to be repaired with some fine steel wool. You can cut the end off the tube of Goop, and let it flow into the repair area. Put a masking tape patch over the drain area to keep the goop from getting into the drain.
Our repair lasted for several years and when we got rid of the coach, it was still a good repair. This product is very flexible.

Most RV tubs are cheap and thin. This product will take care of your problem.
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