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Full Version: Michigan State Parks Are Now Closed
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Starcraft Dad
As of today Sunday, Sept. 31st all Michigan State parks and campgrounds are now closed until further notice. We were camping at Pontiac State Rec area and were asked to leave late this afternoon because of the budget crisis. We got a full refund for the week and the rangers were very nice apologized. After all it's not thier fault so no one should have given them a hard time. Our state has some serious budget issues and hopefully they can get thier act together.
Starcraft Dad
Well, now that we have everything taken down and brought home thay opend up the state park campgrounds again. The crisis is over but sure does leave a bad taste in the mouths of about a thousand campers throughout the state that were asked to leave. Oh well, what can you do..
I know how you feel...went through the same thing in July in Pennsylvania...we were only there one day of a week long stay when they ordered all parks shut down, we left, the next day they announced the budget was passed and the parks reopened the following day...but since the park we were vacationing at was a little over 3 hours away, we never went back.

It never fails to amaze me when state and federal budgets are at an inpasse or there needs to be cuts done, the shut downs and cuts always involve services that the citizens never here the governor's mansion closing down or God Forbid you take any of the perks away from those in Congress. mad.gif
wandering palms
I just hope everybody remembers this when it comes election time. They screwed you because they wanted to play some political games, election time is the time for you to screw them.
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