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Hi...We are new to the campsing RV experience. We are buying a 44 foot Diesel Pusher and would like to find out the best LUxury type RV places are in southern Florida, California, Arizona, Colorado. We are planning to leave in the unit through the cold months. Anybode out there have experience with these type of sites?

The very best luxury RV resort in Southern Florida, in my opinion, in the Outdoor Resorts facility in Port St. Lucie. Be prepared, however, for pushy salespeople and some lot owners who don't like "renters."

in California, there are a couple of excellent Outdoor Resorts in southern California. Look them up on the Outdoor Resorts website. Also in California, we like the Benbow RV Resort in Garberville. In Colorado, hands down the best RV resort, and one of the best in the country, is Tiger Run in Breckenride. Truly outstanding! rolleyes.gif
Hi Beastdriver...thanx for reply..what are you guys driving? Joanathan
We're driving a 2003 40-foot Dutch Star Diesel with a 2002 Saturn tow car.
John Blue

I think we can help also. Below are couple sites we like to travel to in FL and other states.
Outdoor Resorts at Port St. Lucie, FL "A" ("A" is class of RV you can have in park)
" " at Lake Toxaway, NC "A"
" " at Las Vegas, NV "A"
" " at Branson, MO "Blue Eye" "A-C"
" " at Hilton Head Island, SC "A"
All Outdoor Resorts are Great Places!

Pelican Lake Motorcoach Resort at Naplas, FL "A" Great Place!
Silver Lake RV & Golf Resort at Naplas, FL "A-B-C" Great Place!
Riverbend motorcoach Resort at Alva, FL east of Fort Myers "A" Great Place!
The Great Outdoors RV Nature & Golf Resort at Titusville, FL "A-B-C" Great Place!
Topical Palms at Kissimmee, FL "ALL" Great Place!
Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort at Orange Lake, FL "A-B-C" Very Nice!
Emerald Coast Beach Resort at Panama City Beach, FL "A-B-C" Very Nice!

Note: We have stayed at Port St. Lucie and other Outdoor Resorts for years now. Not one time has any Outdoor Resort people ask that we buy a lot or come to office and talk. The staff has been very nice on each trip down and they remember our last name. People who own sites in park have been very nice also. We meet doctors, lawers, business people, retirement people, and others. Never had a cross word yet. Sorry Beastdriver!

This list is more southern and will help you some. We have a lot more but this will help you find some of the good ones. Other RV people can add more class "A" sites for you. Have a great time in that new DP.
John Blue must be a mighty nice guy with a No soliciting sign on his coach. In the past year, we' ve stayed at Outdoor Resorts in Newport, Oregon; Blue Eye, Arkansas, St. Lucie, FLorida, and Lake Toxaway in North Carolina. At EVERY one of these resorts, we've been solicited by salespeople to buy a lot. At all but St. Lucie, a firm "no" usually solves the problem but, at St. Lucie, persistence rules. And, while staying at St. Lucie last month, we were told by at least three lot owners that permanent residents didn't want "renters" there. Maybe if I bought a toupee.........
John Blue

Yes, John Blue is a nice guy! No signs on motorhome to blow the sales people off. At St. Lucie we found Jane (sales lady) on golf cart one day and ask that she ride wife and I around to show the place. She spend more that one hour to show some of the very nice sites, club house, pools, and other toys in park. At end she return wife and I to our site. Not one time did she ask that we buy anything. We found her at Lake Toxaway, same thing again.

If you find a good price on toupees pick up a couple before long I will need one also.

At Outdoor Resort did you sign in under the name "Beastdriver"? That may be the problem here. Ha Ha.... I may need to go down and have a word with staff and sales people at St. Lucie.

Remember the rules here and be nice. Hope to see you on the road someday.
tongue.gif We've been staying at Outdoor Resorts for years and have been approached by salespeople at everyone except the one in Oregon. Nice places, though! tongue.gif tongue.gif
Guest_happy camper
Re the discussion on renters versus owners at Outdoor Resorts, I suggest you look at the review that appeared on this site just today on the Outdoor Resorts in Palm Springs (Cathedral City), CA. Some of these places truly do not want renters!
John Blue
Happy camper,

I would not stay anyplace that we were not happy at. We pay couple days to see if we like the place before we pay for more nights. This way you can pull out and move on. Motorhomes have wheels and we use them. We have moved down the street a number of times.

Please note the site in Cathedral City, CA is (not with or part of) Outdoor Resorts of America. I see in the report people who own sites were not happy over people who rent sites. I will never understand this thinking. We have been camping next to pop ups and see the same thing. We all love to travel and see the USA with our RV's. We all need to get along in life and stop this class thing.
I could not agree any more with John Blue. It makes no difference if you're camping in a tent or in a Prevost. We all participate because we enjoy the lifestyle, but a snob is a snob and the best thing we can do is completely ignore these pathetic souls.
WA Coast MCI
We rented a spot at Outdoor Resorts- Indio, CA in Nov-Dec, 2003. Liked the park so much that we purchased a lot there while renting and are looking forward to speding winters there in the future. Park is now owned by Owner's Association, not Outdoor Resorts of America and park rules are set by the owners. All lots for sale are resale lots offered by individual owners. We found no pushy sales person...actually just the opposite. No one ever approached us with a sales pitch or request to buy. Actually, we had to track down the sales lady to tell her that we had decided to buy a lot and wanted to make an offer on one.

Outdoor Resorts-Indio is a beautiful, well-maintained resort-park with great facilities including 3 swimming pools, par-3 golf course, exercise facilities, tennis courts, etc. Rental sites are managed by the Owner's Association. Some owners rent their sites when they are not there but many chose not to do so. We have stayed in many RV parks over the years, and OR-Indio is the best, IMO. That's why we bought a lot. As to whether owners are unfriendly to renters-that's just silly. As an owner, you probably don't spend a lot of time getting to know a renter who is there for only a few days, but there was no difference in friendliness to renters who are there for a longer period of time that I ever detected. On the contrary, we found it easy to make friends....just by getting involved in the activities. Having been both an owner at OR-Indio and a renter I feel able to comment based on first hand experience. BTW, OR-Indio is motorhome-only, longer than 25' resort.
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