Wanted one campsite, must have full hook-up, must be pull-through or extra wide back-in for a 30ft class C motor home, I know you may think, 'what do they want'? it's a baby motor home, but back home in Ireland where we come from the class C would be bigger than most local public transport, so please allow for people who are not used to driving monsters, we must have wi-fi and cable, we don't need a pool or activities, the RV park location must be around Nevada or Arizona state line, the sun must shine or promise to at least come out, because my sister is coming over from Ireland to join us at Christmas and after her last experience she demands sunshine, we camped in Toronto in July 07 and it rained every day, on her departure as she rubbed on her fake tan she told us she may as well have stayed in wet damp old Ireland, getting back to the campsite, does anyone know a place that has easy walking distance to shops and possibly a few bicycle lanes thrown in? our problem is when we go anywhere we need to bring half of Wal Mart with us to the campsite in case we run out, it would be nice to find a campsite that has everything on your doorstep and we can give the engine a rest, does all these requests seem too much? If someone out there knows of such a place, we would be very glad to hear from them. sad.gif