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Full Version: Salado, Tx: Wagon Wheel Or Tranquil Gardens Rv Parks?
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I'm looking for info SPECIFICALLY on these two parks. I know about the COE parks and Belton's park. Both of these parks are relatively new, but I'd like to know from anyone who has either stayed here or checked them out.
My home base is not far from Salado. What SPECIFICALLY are you looking for?
Vern and Ranae
Tranquil Gardens is NOT a winner in my opinion. We're staying here right now actually. The only good thing I can say is that it has decent internet.

The spaces are small, the owner gruff and the grounds are too new to be anything but mud. No place to even set up a lawn chair.

But the worst part of it all.. the shower and laundry rooms are locked from 9pm to 9am. What the heck is that about?

The owner about went balistic when I asked him, "how much is the rent?" He said, "This isn't rent. It's a service. This is not a residence area. You are pulling your residence." My guess.. he's in a fight with a neighbor or a planning and zoning committee. But that's just a guess.

If it weren't for the location and the wifi I sure as heck wouldn't be here. But as I didn't know about the shower and laundry nonsense when I signed up, I signed up. Had I known... no way.

It's quiet here, but flooded gravel and muddy grass areas make it almost impossible for my dog to do his business without tracking in all kinds of mud and debris. It's a pain and I wish I hadn't rented this space for the month.
QUOTE(RLM @ Nov 28 2007, 07:00 PM) *

My home base is not far from Salado. What SPECIFICALLY are you looking for?

Did you not know this was a new park?When we were there the grass was just about all in,and for the roads,it is new and needs to be set for a year to put a finnish topping on it.and as or flooding I find that hard to take as the pitch is such water cant stand.
Now for the rest rooms/showers,Iwould not keep them open all the time for anybody off the street to go in and have their way with the place,you cant shower in the 12 hours they are open?
We had enough room to sit outside but then their were just two of us.We stayed at the Belton and COE park and found this is better,no dumping everyday,COE,same or better price,wider than Belton,and a lot less noise.
We will be going back when we go by that way as we think he is funny and fun. wink.gif
Spent several months at Tranquil Gardens, and yes its a fairly new park. At least when I was there.

The good: The laundry room and showers are new and well maintained. The location is quiet and has very good access to Killeen/Ft Hood, and Salado, which is a very quaint town, with shops and restaurants.

The bad: No shade. I was promised a shade spot on my return, only to find the owner gave it to someone else. So much for taking someones word. When it rains it is a sloppy pit of clay and mud.

Owners are paranoid in my opinion. Upon return after some time away he bragged about throwing people out for driving too fast, and told me to watch my speed. (I took it as a threat) One owner stopped by to pick up a check once, and I asked if I could get an hour, so I can print a check, and he said he would pick it up in an hour. One hour later I walk out with check in hand, and the other owner is there screaming at me about not paying my bill, and started quoting 'theft of services' rhetoric.

After some really bad storms, I get a loud knock on my door. The owner askes if I have internet access, which I did. Well, he didn't and deduced that it was all my fault since I was the only person home in the park at that time. He was convinced I was 'Drawing too much power from the Internet'. (His words, not mine, since you can't affect someone else getting a wireless signal, if your merely using your laptop.) I recommended him having his internet guy look at it. He did, and we measured my bandwidth usage, which was 1% of his allotted bandwidth. The tech tells him there is no way I could affect his signal, and the problem was most likely with his setup, which he wouldn't let the tech look at. He decided that the Network tech, and I must be in cahoots, and started yelling that he could throw me out any time he wanted. Lots of profanity.

Next morning he was circling my RV in his golf cart and taking photos of it. I asked what he was doing, and he yells. "Its what my lawyers tell me to do!" By now I have grown so tired of their bad attitudes, that I eventually corner him, since he would drive off every time I approached, and said I wanted to talk. I proposed he refrund the part of the month that was left, and I would leave in an hour, which he agreed to. One hour later, I put them in my rear view mirror and left to find a new place.

If you only need a couple nights you'll be fine there. If you need a long term site, you will quicky tire of the owners. Belton to the north is a little loud due to the highway, but the folks are nice. San Gabriel in Georgetown, is a wonderful park with lots of shade and management that is far more professional and pleasant. Well worth the drive, and still about an hour from Killeen.

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