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Full Version: Branson In May
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We are planning a trip to Branson in May and need advice on where to stay!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I've never been, but I know there are some previous threads on this subject. You might want to check them.
What are you looking for in an RV park? Do you want to be near something (i.e. Silver Dollar City, Sheppard of the Hills, Table Rock Lake…). As you know there are numerous RV parks in or near Branson, MO with reviews, check them out.
We were there last year. Since I don't know what type of place you like, I should tell you that we tend to like RV parks rather than rustic campgrounds. We tried to get reservations at America's Best Campground, but they were full so we stayed at the KOA. It was formerly Chastain's and is located on Animal Safari Road. This location puts it just a short distance from the main drag which worked out great for us because we planned to see a lot of shows. The reviews for it on this site seem pretty accurate. We also looked at many other RV parks in the area just for future reference. We thought Branson View did indeed have a fantastic view of the city, but the sites seemed a little tight. In all fairness, though, we didn't actually try to get our motor home into a spot. We also liked the Wilderness at Silver Dollar City, and Table Rock Lake State Park was pretty. Some friends of ours have stayed at Tall Pines and liked it. Musicland Kampground is another one close to town, but it seemed awfully crowded when we were there. It gets mixed reviews on this site. Branson Shenanigans was also pretty. Besides these I've mentioned we probably saw at least 10 others, and several more were quite respectable. Now if you want real luxury and don't mind driving a bit (about 30-40 mi) there is a beautiful Outdoor Resort just southwest of Branson. It is reviewed here under Blue Eye, MO, but it is really just across the state border into Arkansas. Now this is a beautiful place, but it is not a wooded, back to nature, cook out on the campfire, sleep in tents kind of campground, and therefore, not the type of place some people want to stay. But we loved it and wished we could have stayed longer.

There are about 25 campgrounds listed for Branson so it is difficult to choose. I hope our personal experience has helped you a little.
John Blue
One more you may wish to look at is the "city park" down town on lake. Very low cost, close to everything. Next to old part of city, tons of birds on lake to look at, no noise, train ride 1/8 mile from park, great places to eat at close by, and you save gas money due to short trips to everything. What a good deal. tongue.gif
Another option you might consider is not in Branson at all but in a place called Blue Eye, Arkansas. This is an Outdoor Resorts of America and, I think, one of the prettiest and nicest Outdoor Resorts in the country, and certainly the least expensive. It's a good 30 to 40 minutes into Branson but has none of the hustle, bustle, traffic, and congestion of Branson. Very quiet and peacful and right on Table Rock Lake.
Bud in Florida
We are also planning on going to Branson. I have a motorhome and do not tow a dingy. Are there taxis in Branson? Any suggestions for a park close to town where you would not need a car. Thanks

We had a tow car so to be perfectly truthful I did not pay attention to public transportation--taxis or buses. I do know that some of the campgrounds provide a shuttle to the shows. As I said before we stayed at the KOA and it had one which we used because it was much better than fighting the traffic. (They knew all the back ways to go.) They dropped us off and picked us up right at the theater door. They charged $5 a person, but we thought it was worth it.

As for RV parks close by. Branson has become pretty spread out. The main drag (where most of the original theaters are located) runs east and west through the city. Branson Landing RV Park is on the far east end and then the KOA, Shenanigans, and Musicland are on the west end. Each of these parks is sort of close to at least 2-3-4 theaters, but a very long distance from most of the others. To be truthful I would not have walked from any of these to even the closest theater, but keep in mind I was born in the first year of the "boomer" years. Do the math. I am not a spring chicken. As best I can remember there are no other RV parks that even come close to walking distance. If there is another one I did not see it. If I were you I would contact the RV parks and ask if they have a shuttle service. They could also tell you about taxis and buses.

We had a great time when we were there. Hope you do too.
Thanks for the information on the campgrounds in Branson. I am going to check them out to see which ones fit our plans best. We do enjoy the shows and good food but we do tow a vehicle so a short trip would be o.k. for a better place to stay.

This website is great for help planning RV trips.
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