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Full Version: Austin, Texas To Las Vegas, Nv
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Vern and Ranae
We are heading out on Christmas day. We intend to stay a couple nights while on the road. Anyone got any good suggestions for the drive out there and for the stay there? We will be in Vegas about two weeks I think.

We have gone to Las Vegas from the San Antonio area many times and have taken just about every route possible. We usually only travel about 300 miles a day so it takes us 4-5 driving days to get there. We might also spend an extra night in some of the cities we especially like.

A typical trip would go this way: Night 1--Ft Stockton, TX; Night 2--Las Cruses, NM; Night 3--Phoenix, AZ area; Night 4--Laughlin, NV or on into LV. One time we went to Lake Havasu City, AZ after we left Phoenix. We have also stopped in Tucson and Benson, AZ.

If the weather looks good (no snow or ice) we may go to Albuquerque from either Ft Stockton or Las Cruses. This way our next stop is usually Gallup, NM, (because we like to shop there). If we bypass Gallup we then go to the Winslow/Holbrook, AZ area and then Laughlin or LV. If we do stop in Gallup, then Williams, AZ, is usually our next stop before going into LV.

These are the two routes we usually take, but we have also gone up though the Texas panhandle to get to ABQ.

When we're in Las Vegas we have always stayed at Sam's Town. Although it gets mixed reviews on this site, it has always had everything we needed, and we have never had a problem there. We just wish their rate was still $16/night which is what we paid the first 2-3 times we went.

We think we will be going out there again in January so don't take all the money. Leave a little for us. Have a safe trip.
Vern and Ranae
Thanks for the great suggestions. We pretty much came up with the same itinerary. We were up in the air about Sam's Town though. We have a 14 year old son who will be with us on this trip as we go to visit our two older children who both attend UNLV.

I'm guessing Sam's Town is pretty much a parking lot, but I'm hopeful there will be plenty for my 14 year old to do there while we visit his older brothers???

After his visit, our 14 year old is going back to the ex in Austin via plane. My wife and I plan to stay in the area for the better part of a month or so. Any suggestions on where to RV in or around the area outside of Vegas?
There should be some things for your son to do. Sam's Town RV Park is right next to Sam's Town Hotel, and it has several things for kids to do. There is a multi screen movie theater, a bowling alley, and a game room which looked pretty well stocked. (At least these things were there the last time we were there. We have seen evidence that LV is getting away from the family friendly image that it was moving toward a few years ago, so slot machines may have taken their place by now.) Also there are several restaurants in the hotel including a small food court. We have always enjoyed their buffet. Another RV park associated with a hotel is the KOA at Circus Circus. We have never stayed there, but we have seen it. It gets mixed reviews on this site, and I personally think Sam's Town looked nicer. However, inside the hotel there is lots of circus type entertainment. We do not travel with kids so this hectic atmosphere did not appeal to us, but the kids seemed to be having a lot of fun.

I think if we didn't stay at Sam's I would choose either the Oasis or Outdoor Resorts. They are both supposed to be very pretty. We have never stayed anywhere except at Sam's so I can't be much help with places outside of Vegas. Well, we did stay down in Laughlin, but I wasn't impressed. There are supposed to be some nice resort type places over in Pahrump, and Valley of Fires State park has spectacular scenery, but I don't think it has any hookups except electric. I do not know about any places on Lake Mead.

Hope this helps.
We go through LV often because we have family there. Oasis was good the last time we stayed - nicer people, for some reason. Lots to do. Outdoor Resorts is VERY pricey! But gorgeous. We have stayed in the Sam's Town area, but prefer the outlying area. Go to Pahrump to Terrible's if you want a cool resort - but probably only with reservations. There are a couple of other parks in town also.
Vern and Ranae
Thanks for the reply. What was it about Terrible's that you liked so much? Have you ever seen ? It looks like a pretty decent place. What do you think of it???
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