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Full Version: Artesian Springs Resort Newton, Texas
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hi all..does anyone know about artesian springs resort in newton, texas?...we're new to rving business and plan to run our 1st campground business...any advice?..thanks...ivan and lisa :
I just saw your message, and apologize for a late reply I somehow missed it when you first posted it. I have never heard of Artesian Springs Resort or even Newton, TX, for that matter. So I looked them up. We have only driven through that area, but I remember it being very pretty with lots of trees. When you said you planned to run your 1st campground business, I assume you meant it would be this resort? It looks really nice on its web site. There seems to be a variety of good facilities and lots of activities. The swimming lake looked very pretty.

However, I have to say that the cancellation policy seems awfully strict. It might be OK for cabins, or pavilions, or the party room reservations, but not for just a campsite cancellation. I think 48 or even 24 hours notice is plenty of time for a cancellation, and even then I don't think you should lose all your money, although I could live with a small cancellation fee. I also think they should give refunds for leaving early. I realize they may have turned down other business to hold your reservation, but if the place is that popular they will have someone else to take your spot. Maybe they have had some problems with cancellations in the past, but quite frankly I would be hesitant to make a reservation there because of their policy.

Good luck with your business.
Well, a looked over your site and it looks nice. I would say on the tent camping page, it's $7 extra per person per day. So for a family of 4, 2 adults plus 2 kids to tent camp would cost more than a full rv hookup site. That's a bit steep for a tent site if you ask me.

And I agree with the above post, the cancellation policy is too strict. I would choose a state park over that, the penalty for cancelling is not as steep. 30 days is a long time, alot can happen in a month. You shouldn't have trouble filling the campground if you develop a good reputation and treat the campers decent.

Pics of the sites and the lake look real nice. Consider posting pics of the shower house. I know when I tent camped it was reassuring (site unseen) to know what the shower/bath facilities were like. And first rule - keep those facilities SPOTLESS!!!
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