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Full Version: Canyon De Chelly N.m
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huh.gif We are planning a trip to N. Az and saw Canyon de Chelly on the map. After reading the reviews of the camp ground I am a little leery. Have you been there, what was it like? What about the Navajo guides that show you around? Are the ruins worth the fee for the guide? We are a family w/ young children. thanks!
I am probably not the best person to answer you, but since no one else has I'll give it a try. We have been to Canyon de Chelly, but we did not stay at their campground. We were staying in Gallup and going on day trips to see sights in the area. We saw the campground that is by the visitor center. It wasn't great, but it looked clean and well kept when we were there. I'm sure you know there are no hook ups, and I don't recall a playground, (but we don't travel with children so I never really look for one). We also did not take the guided tour. We just drove along the rim and stopped at the overlooks. We did not hike down to the ruins. Our best view was through binoculars. The trail is not supposed to be very bad, but we two baby boomers would not have done very well. Depending on the age of your kids it might be a great adventure, but I would certainly think they should be at least 9-10 and be in good shape. It would not be fun to carry a child back up the trail. Would the kids enjoy the area? My brother-in-law took his (then) 5 year old granddaughter there. They stayed at another very primitive campground, and they did do some hiking. Don't know if they took the tour. She came home alive, so they must have done ok. The brother-in-law said they had a great time. The scenery is spectacular, but how many ruins and rock formations can kids stand? I'm not trying to discourage you. Only you know your kids.
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